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Latest Marvel News

kirsten dunst secret wars

Exclusive: Kirsten Dunst In Talks To Return As Mary Jane In Secret Wars

Kirsten Dunst is in negotiations to return as MJ Watson for Secret Wars.

2 years ago

edward norton feature

Edward Norton Could Have Been Marvel’s Best Hulk

With 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, Marvel completely ignored the perfect reason to cast Edward Norton as Bruce Banner–his proven genius at portraying characters harboring dueling personas.

2 years ago

marvel horror

Is Marvel Becoming A Horror Franchise?

Marvel is moving closer to straight horror, but we are not sure it will pay off.

2 years ago

harry potter

See A Harry Potter Star As Magneto

A uses his talents to imagine Jason Isaacs as the X-Men villain Magneto.

2 years ago

brie larson

Captain Marvel 2 Director Was Annoyed By One Controversial Avengers Moment

Captain Marvel 2 director Nia DaCosta was thrilled, then annoyed by the all-woman superhero scene in Endgame.

2 years ago

ant-man 3 reshoots

Paul Rudd Looks Destroyed In Leaked Ant-Man 3 Footage

A leaked image from Ant-Man 3 shows Paul Rudd messed up from a fight with Kang.

2 years ago

namor black panther 2

See The Best Look At Namor In Black Panther 2

Tenoch Huerta’s Namor was shown in huge detail for Black Panther 2 in Empire Magazine.

2 years ago

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Anthony Mackie Wants To Destroy Chris Evans’s Best Marvel Fight Scene

Anthony Mackie wants a fight scene that tops the elevator fight scene that Chris Evans had as Captain America.

2 years ago

henry cavill marvel

See Henry Cavill As Marvel’s Captain Britain

A fan does a wonderful job creating an image of Henry Cavill as Marvel’s Captain Britain.

2 years ago

the penguin

Marvel Is Now Crowdsourcing Ideas

Jeff Loveness wrote the new Ant-Man movie and asked people on Twitter to crowdsource how to write a blockbuster.

2 years ago


Thunderbolts Star Says Character Return Will Be Awkward

Hannah John-Kamen revealed Ghost returning to the MCU is going to be awkward as the character is now heavily anti-social.

2 years ago

doctor strange 2

See The R-Rated Doctor Strange 2 Scene That Was Left Out Of The Movie

Doctor Strange 2 fight coordinator Liang Yang has released a bloody sequence depicting Scarlet Witch fighting the warriors of Kamar-taj meant to be included in Doctor Strange 2.

2 years ago

marvel vfx artists

She-Hulk Just Introduced One Of Marvel’s Most Powerful Supervillain Teams

The latest episode of She-Hulk introduced the Intelligencia.

2 years ago

marvel zombies canceled

Marvel Just Announced A New Game For Its Greatest Hero

A new Iron Man game has been announced from Motive and Electronic Arts.

2 years ago

marvel falcon and the winter soldier

Marvel Officially Has A New Falcon

Danny Ramirez’s Joaquin Torres will officially become the new Marvel Falcon.

2 years ago

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Is Stretching Forward

The MCU Fantastic Four movie has found its writers.

2 years ago

mike colter luke cage

Exclusive: Mike Colter Likely Not Returning As Luke Cage

Mike Colter is probably out as Marvel’s Luke Cage.

2 years ago

brad pitt deadpool 3

Exclusive: Brad Pitt In Talks For Deadpool 3

Brad Pitt is negotiating a role in Deadpool 3.

2 years ago

chris pratt garfield

Chris Pratt’s Garfield Movie Just Hit A Snag

The Chris Pratt Garfield movie has had its release date moved back months.

2 years ago

the penguin

Marvel Had To Give A Legendary Sci-Fi Writer Every Comic They Printed After They Stole His Story

After a Marvel writer used a Harlan Ellison story for an Incredible Hulk story, the publisher agreed to give the writer a lifetime subscription to all of their comics.

2 years ago

benedict wong

Benedict Wong Getting A Marvel Solo Series?

Benedict Wong is open to a Sorcerer Supreme Wong solo show.

2 years ago

new mutants

The Worst X-Men Movie Is Coming To Disney+

The New Mutants will soon be coming to Disney+.

2 years ago

jameela jamil

Jameela Jamil Reprised Her She-Hulk Character In A Bizarre Place

Jameela Jamil wore her She-Hulk costume to a fashion show and McDonald’s in New York.

2 years ago


Daredevil: Born Again Taking Inspiration From She-Hulk?

Daredevil: Born Again might focus on Matt Murdock as a lawyer, taking inspiration from She-Hulk.

2 years ago

john legend chrissy teigen she hulk

Exclusive: John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Are In She-Hulk

Pop culture stars John Legend and Chrissy Teigen filmed a cameo for the Marvel series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

2 years ago

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Disney Under Fire For Israeli Superhero In New Captain America Movie

Disney is being criticized for including Israeli superhero Sabra in Captain America: New World Order.

2 years ago

marvel zombies canceled

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Has A New Name?

Kevin Feige recently said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is quickly becoming the Wong Cinematic Universe.

2 years ago

Harry Styles marvel

Marvel Legend Says Harry Styles Character Won’t Work For A Gross Reason

Harry Styles portrayed Eros, but it may not work, as the character has been revealed to be a sexual predator.

2 years ago

jared leto morbius

Morbius: Jared Leto’s Vampire Marvel Movie Was A Massive Flop

Morbius finished with just a 15% Rotten Tomatoes score and earned only $164 million at the box office.

2 years ago

m'baku black panther 2

See The Redesign of Winston Duke’s M’Baku For Black Panther 2

The first look at M’Baku in Black Panther 2 has been revealed.

2 years ago