Chris Evans’ Captain America Shield Is Up For Auction

The Captain America shield used by Chris Evans is up for $50,000 at an auction.

By Douglas Helm | Published

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Captain America shield that was used by Chris Evans himself in Avengers: Endgame, now is your chance. Granted, you’re going to need at least $50,000 to nab it (if not more), but it’s definitely a cool collectible for diehard collectors. The shield is currently up for auction on Heritage Auctions, with a starting bid of $50k.

The Captain America shield is one of many made for Avengers: Endgame, but the description says this one was handled with “kid gloves” specifically because it was used for close-ups. Meaning it has more detail and higher-quality finishes than the shields that got beat up during long shots and action scenes. This particular shield is constructed from high-density foam, aluminum for the exterior, and leather for the arm straps.

The Captain America shield that is up for auction was also created and authenticated by Marvel Studios Senior Prop Master Russell Bobbitt. By snapping up this collectible, you’re not only getting a piece of MCU history but a piece of film history as well. Behind Avatar, Avengers: Endgame is the second highest-grossing movie of all time.

captain america spock

Avengers: Endgame also marked the last time that Chris Evans picked up the Captain America shield. The MCU decided to wrap up the story arcs of major characters like Captain America, Black Widow, and Iron Man, so it’s possible there won’t be many more chances to get a shield wielded by Chris Evans. Of course, they could always auction off shields from films like Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame in the future.

There’s also the fact that although Chris Evans has retired from the role, the Captain America shield and title have been passed on to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. In fact, we’ll be getting another Captain America film in 2024 with Captain America: New World Order. That film will also star Danny Ramirez, Tim Blake Nelson, Carl Lumbly, Shira Haas, and Harrison Ford replacing William Hurt as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

Before Sam Wilson decided to take on the Captain America shield and responsibility in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the shield was handed over to Wyatt Russell’s John Walker. The responsibility ended up being a little too much for Walker after he went off the rails, so now he’ll show up again in the anti-hero team-up film Thunderbolts as US Agent. Meanwhile, Anthony Mackie’s Wilson got a snazzy new Captain America-styled suit to go with his new shield and gig.

While fans were disappointed to see Chris Evans put down the Captain America shield for good, Mackie is already proving to be a fitting replacement. Since leaving the Cap role, Chris Evans has played Buzz Lightyear (the space ranger not the toy) in Lightyear, a mustachioed villain in The Gray Man, and a smarmy guy in a nice sweater in Knives Out. As for Mackie, you can check him out in Captain America: New World Order on May 3, 2024.