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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Jump directly to the latest news about each Star Trek movie cast you’re most interested in.

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

star trek

Star Trek Episodes Based On Non-Trek Movies

Space may be a void, but Paramount‘s Star Trek isn’t made in one. Every piece of art is inspired by …

6 months ago

star trek voyager

We Sorted The Cast Of Star Trek: Voyager Into Hogwarts Houses

It’s been a while since I sorted the crews of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space …

6 months ago

star trek netflix captains

Star Trek Bringing Together Two Of Its Greatest Captains For The First Time

According to, IDW publishing will be bringing together Captain Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Captain …

6 months ago

starfleet academy

Starfleet Academy Being A Star Trek: Discovery Spinoff Is Great

Paramount has been trying to make live-action Starfleet Academy happen since the early 90s when fans came dangerously close to …

6 months ago

beckett mariner star trek header

Beckett Mariner Is Secretly The Most Realistic Starfleet Officer

If you’ve been watching Star Trek: Lower Decks (wait, you haven’t? Go stream it on Paramount Plus like right now), …

6 months ago

star trek aliens

Star Trek Needs More Of This, And It Needs It Now

Star Trek needs more aliens. Specifically, it needs more alien heroes. In its current crop of live-action series, the only …

6 months ago

star trek pregnancy

Most Disturbing Star Trek Pregnancies

This week’s Star Trek: Lower Decks entry “Caves” pokes fun at the franchise trope of episodes taking place in caves. …

6 months ago

star trek 4

The Star Trek Movies: What’s The Best Order To Watch Them In

The best way to watch the Star Trek franchise is to start with the Motion Picture and finish with Star Trek Beyond

6 months ago

star trek q

How Q Accidentally Saved the Federation From the Borg

Even though they are arguably a bit played out these days, the Borg still serve as the scariest Big Bads …

6 months ago

star trek cave

In Honor Of Lower Decks, Here’s The Best Star Trek Caves Episodes

This week’s Paramount+ episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, “Caves,” pokes some well-earned fun at the trope of Trek episodes …

6 months ago

jake sisko

Sons Of Star Trek Gives A New Generation Their Own Story

IDW just announced a new comic book series, Star Trek: Sons of Star Trek, that will focus on a new …

6 months ago

patrick stewart picard

Patrick Stewart Almost Ruined Star Trek: Picard Series Finale

In the vast universe of television, crafting a satisfying ending for a beloved series is akin to navigating a spaceship …

6 months ago

Linda Park: See Her Now And How She’s Fighting Illness

Linda Park was a star on Star Trek: Enterprise and has suffered from Lupus throughout her career.

Jolene Blalock: Why She Left Star Trek And What She’s Like Now

Jolene Blalock stopped acting when she became a mom. She now has three children with her husband Michael and so far Star Trek hasn’t called to ask her back.

star trek wars

Star Trek And Star Wars: The Biggest Differences

When I ask what the biggest differences are between Star Trek and Star Wars, I’m not talking about things like …

6 months ago

star trek gorn

Who Are The Gorn In Star Trek?

Star Trek’s vicious Gorn are among fans’ favorite villains and have been in the franchise almost from the beginning.

6 months ago

patrick stewart picard

Star Trek: Picard Killed Two Fan-Favorite Heroes Off-Screen?

Star Trek: Picard concluded its third and final season in April, but it left behind plenty of lingering questions. Chief …

6 months ago

marina sirtis deanna troi star trek

Marina Sirtis: She Was Supposed To Have Four Breasts

Marina Sirtis played Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation and has said that when her character was given cleavage, the brains were put to the side.

6 months ago

Ranking Star Trek’s Counselors

We often think of Star Trek counselors only being a thing after Star Trek: The Next Generation, but going back …

6 months ago

Who Are Star Trek’s Bynar? The Cybernetically Enhanced Aliens Explained

There are plenty of great reasons to watch the Star Trek spinoff Lower Decks, and one of our personal favorites …

6 months ago

Star Trek’s Drookmani: The Lower Decks Villains Explained

One of the best parts about watching Star Trek: Lower Decks is seeing just how much fun the show’s writers …

6 months ago

star trek exocomp

Star Trek’s Exocomps: The Sentient AI Explained

Star Trek’s design philosophy has been all over the place, and this was never more apparent than when The Next …

6 months ago

prodigy netflix

Star Trek: Prodigy Will Be On Netflix, Is That A Good Thing?

Star Trek fans are used to watching favorite heroes like Captain Janeway save the day at the last possible minute. …

6 months ago

jeffrey combs

The Many Star Trek Faces Of Jeffrey Combs

For many Star Trek fans, the name “Jeffrey Combs” is whispered with the same reverence typically reserved for actors like …

6 months ago

star trek section 31

Star Trek Sneakily Sets Up Section 31 Reveal

Last week, I wrote an op-ed arguing that the reveal of a Genesis device on a Ferengi ship in Star …

6 months ago

The Original Star Trek Movie Is Wilder Than Any Other

Before Star Trek: The Motion Picture as we now know it took shape, an entirely different movie, Star Trek: Planet …

6 months ago

star trek popularity

Who Should Replace Patrick Stewart In Star Trek?

Obviously, it’s difficult for most fans to ever imagine someone other than Patrick Stewart playing Captain Picard. However, as TrekMovie …

6 months ago

Why You Should Be Watching Star Trek: Lower Decks

Recently, Star Trek: Lower Decks showrunner Mike McMahan got very real in an interview with CinemaBlend and said that the …

6 months ago

Star Trek’s Best Hologram Villains: The Bad Guys Who Aren’t Really There

The holodeck or holosuite can be a place of joy, wonder, and scientific exploration. But when things go wrong, it …

6 months ago

Star Trek: Prodigy Is Saved, Finds New Streaming Home

Star Trek: Prodigy has found a streaming home on Netflix. According to Deadline, the streaming service has rights to distribute …

6 months ago