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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

star trek wrath of khan

Star Trek Just Killed Spock, Again

In the first episode of the new Star Trek animated shorts series Very Short Treks, everyone’s favorite Vulcan meets an …

6 months ago

The Enterprise Was Just Destroyed By Star Trek Again

The Enterprise was blown up this weekend. Instead of it being a dramatic moment, the iconic ship exploded as the …

6 months ago

star trek

The Perfect Star Trek Crew, From All The Shows And Movies

Across its 57-year history, Star Trek has introduced a wide range of characters who have met impossible odds and accomplished …

6 months ago

Star Trek’s Biggest Unanswered Question Finally Needs Answering 

Even among the biggest fans of the show, the general wisdom regarding Star Trek: The Next Generation is that you …

6 months ago

Star Trek: Lower Decks

The Most Beautiful Work Of Art In Star Trek History Just Returned For A New Voyage

Over the course of four seasons, Star Trek: Lower Decks has proven itself as the ultimate celebration of everything Star …

6 months ago

khan star trek

The Weirdest Retcons In Star Trek History 

Star Trek is one of the most venerable franchises in history, telling an ongoing story of various characters exploring strange …

6 months ago

star trek: voyager

Every Star Trek: Voyager Reference In Lower Decks Explained

Star Trek: Voyager‘s eponymous ship just returned in a big way on Paramount+ in “Twovix,” the first half of Star …

6 months ago

star trek

Why The Men Of Star Trek Are Now Dressed Like Counselor Troi

Without hilarious franchise references, Paramount+‘s Star Trek: Lower Decks would have no reason to exist. That’s no less true today …

6 months ago

star trek

No That Wasn’t Q Hiding In Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4, Probably

Remembering the 36 year old Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Hide and Q,” a lot of fans think John …

6 months ago

star trek transporters

Who Was Star Trek’s Tuvix And How Does That Cause The Twovix Incident In Lower Decks?

Today gave us the two episode premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 4 on Paramount+, including the very first …

6 months ago

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’s Probe Just Returned For A Battle With The Borg

If you were to ask Star Trek fans which past villain they’d likely never see again, I’m sure most would …

6 months ago

lower decks
star trek worf

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Reveals Worf’s Tragic Past, See The Video

While Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard has a lot going on, viewers missed out on a deleted scene where …

6 months ago

Star Trek Fans Need To Watch These Shows

Thanks to all the new offerings on Paramount Plus, there has been a lot of great Star Trek content for …

6 months ago

james doohan scotty star trek

Star Trek Just Announced A New Series, It Has Scotty As The Drummer In A Space Band

Star Trek Day, the anniversary of the airing of “The Man Trap,” is this Friday and the franchise is celebrating …

6 months ago

star trek quark

The Ferengi: Star Trek’s Big-Eared Con Men Explained 

Throughout all of Star Trek, few alien races are nearly as fascinating as the Ferengi. After all, they went from …

6 months ago

star trek voyager

Beloved Star Trek Icon Refused To Return, Now We Know Why

According to /Film, Star Trek’s Roxann Dawson was recently put in charge of two episodes on Season Two of Apple …

6 months ago

The Andorians: The Blue-Skinned Star Trek Warriors Explained

In Star Trek, Andorians are one of the most instantly recognizable and iconic alien races in the galaxy. But who …

6 months ago

Star Trek Stars Want You On The Picket Line

We’re only a few days away from September 8, recognized among the proud members of the nerd community as Star …

6 months ago

star trek walter koenig

Best Star Trek Cameo Of The Year Wasn’t On Camera, Now We Know Why

Scheduling concerns kept Star Trek legend Walter Koenig’s appearance in Star Trek: Picard as only audio, but it still counts …

6 months ago

john aniston star trek

Star Trek Brings Back Voyager For New Episode 

If you’ve watched much Star Trek: Lower Decks, then you know that each season is full of one geeky love …

6 months ago

The Star Trek Hero That Would Support The Actors’ And Writers’ Strikes

Normally, you wouldn’t think that your favorite Star Trek heroes would have much to say about the current actor’s and …

6 months ago

star trek captain

The Star Trek Fan-Favorite Heroes Go Bad

Throughout the history of Star Trek, most episodes and all of the movies have been from the Starfleet perspective. Because …

6 months ago

star trek

Bajorans & Cardassians: The Star Trek Conflict Explained

When you watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, it is clear that the prior conflict between the Bajorans and the …

6 months ago

strange new worlds finale

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 Isn’t Happening For One Reason

According to, Season 3 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds isn’t happening due to the ongoing Screen Actors Guild-American …

6 months ago

star trek romulans

Star Trek’s Romulans: Evil Vulcans Or More Than That?

With the revelation that Star Trek’s Romulans have a shared ancestry with Vulcans, many fans have dismissed them as nothing …

6 months ago

Star Trek’s Biggest Mistake Of All Time

We know Star Trek’s biggest mistake, and Star Trek: Enterprise is its victim.  With a property as long-lived and complex …

6 months ago

star trek

The Prime Directive: The Star Trek Rule You Must Understand

When you watch a few episodes of Star Trek, it doesn’t take long before characters like Captain Kirk and Captain …

6 months ago

Captain Kirk Is Nothing Like His Reputation

Captain Kirk has a reputation that has transcended Star Trek and entered into pop culture legend. Even those who have …

6 months ago

The Original Star Trek: Enterprise Theme Song By U2 Is Much Better

Each Star Trek series possesses a unique essence, yet the debut of Star Trek: Enterprise turned heads with its unconventional …

6 months ago