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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Jump directly to the latest news about each Star Trek movie cast you’re most interested in.

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

star trek movie

Just When You Thought Star Trek 4 Was A Dead Project, In Swoops Matt Shakman

Matt Shakman says that, as far as he knows, Star Trek 4 is still moving forward.

1 year ago

star trek picard season 2

Star Trek: Picard Has A Surprising Connection To The Original Series

Star Trek: Picard uses the same boatswain whistle heard in the original series.

1 year ago


What Is The Kelvinverse In Star Trek?

Star Trek’s Kelvinverse in an alternate universe with significant differences from the prime Star Trek timeline.

1 year ago

star trek wrath of khan william shatner

Star Trek’s Best Film Was Forced To Change Its Title Because Of Star Wars

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan got its name because the original title was too similar to a competing Star Wars movie.

1 year ago

eddie murphy adventures of pluto nash

Eddie Murphy Reveals Why He Dropped Star Trek IV Leading Role

Eddie Murphy says he turned down Star Trek IV because he wanted a role “on the ship.”

1 year ago

star trek picard

See Star Trek: Picard’s Two Mystery Characters In Final Trailer

The final trailer for Star Trek: Picard’s third season is here, and it introduces two new unnamed characters.

1 year ago

star trek ark

Star Trek: The Original Series Has Important Connection With New Sci-Fi Series

The Ark creator Dean Devlin’s mother actually guest-starred on an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.

1 year ago

Star Trek: Picard Star Dead At 45

Annie Wersching, star of Star Trek: Picard, the Last of Us video games, and more, has died at the age of 45

1 year ago

daniel kaluuya star trek

See Nope’s Daniel Kaluuya As Star Trek’s New Geordi La Forge

The pictures show two different takes on Daniel Kaluuya as Star Trek’s iconic chief engineer.

1 year ago

star trek robert beltran

Robert Beltran Hated Star Trek: Voyager’s Ending, Here’s Why

Robert Beltran didn’t like the Star Trek: Voyager final was too quick and not prepared correctly.

1 year ago

Beam Me Up, Scotty! Scientists Create First Working Tractor Beam

Scientists have built a real-life tractor beam, but it’s not like the science fiction version you’re expecting.

1 year ago

star trek commercial

How Star Trek Created Its Most Adorable Alien Lifeform

Star Trek’s Tribbles were designed by Trek’s great unsung hero, Wah Ming Chang.

1 year ago

gal gadot

See Gal Gadot In Full Starfleet Uniform As Star Trek’s Newest Captain

Check out what Gal Gadot could look like as a captain on Star Trek.

1 year ago

jonathan frakes star trek movies

Jonathan Frakes Doesn’t Think Any More Star Trek Movies Are Happening, Here’s Why

Jonathan Frakes says the chances of more Star Trek movies are slim because “TV is the future.”

1 year ago

george takei william shatner

George Takei Calls William Shatner A Liar Over Star Trek Star’s Biggest Accomplishment

George Takei once more fires off a volley in his long feud with William Shatner, saying that his former Star Trek castmate didn’t “really” go to space.

1 year ago

Star Trek Enterprise Phlox

Star Trek: Enterprise’s Most Interesting Character Making A Return?

John Billingsley says he would happily return to the role of Star Trek: Enterprise’s Phlox, but not as a regular cast member.

1 year ago

john aniston star trek

See The 23ft Long Model Of Star Trek’s Voyager Just Given To A Fan

A 23-foot long model of Star Trek’s Voyager, originally from Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, is now in the hands of a lucky fan.

1 year ago

star trek prodigy

Star Trek’s Best Series Is Getting A Movie?

Star Trek: Prodigy’s Kevin Hageman says he’s pushing as hard as he can to get as much Prodigy media as he can made, including a feature film.

1 year ago

star trek: planet of the titans

The Motion Picture Wasn’t Supposed To Be Star Trek’s First Movie, It Was Planet Of The Titans

The first Trek movie was going to be Star Trek: Planet of the Titans, until that was turned into a TV show, and then THAT was turned into Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

2 years ago

Colm Meaney: How He Quietly Became Star Trek’s Most Successful Actor

Colm Meaney was a Star Trek fan-favorite but has been one of the most consistent actors in Hollywood.

2 years ago


Star Trek’s Least Appreciated Captain Returning To The Franchise?

Scott Bakula played Captain Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise, and after nearly 20 years away, the star said he’s willing to return to the franchise.

2 years ago

william shatner paramount

Star Trek Had A Movie Called The God Thing Planned Before 1979’s The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The God Thing would have been the franchise’s first planned movie, set with a much darker and more controversial tone than The Motion Picture.

2 years ago

star trek

See The Redesigned Enterprise Bridge From Star Trek’s Lost 70s Series That Never Aired

A new image was posted on Twitter, which shows what the redesigned bridge from Star Trek would have looked like in the 1970s.

2 years ago

star trek ark

Watch Footage From The 70s Star Trek Series That Never Aired

Star Trek’s long forgotten 1970’s series, Star Trek: Phase II, has recently been unearthed and fans can now see the show that never aired.

2 years ago

star trek

See The 70s Enterprise Redesign Star Trek Built But Never Used

A Star Trek fan account displays images of the Enterprise from the abandoned Star Trek: Phase II.

2 years ago

worst Star Trek

Despite Promises To End It, Star Trek May Make More Of The Worst Thing It’s Ever Done

There are growing rumors that the worst Star Trek series, Picard, is not going to be ending after its third season.

2 years ago

patrick stewart picard

Patrick Stewart Planning On More Star Trek?

Patrick Stewart has said that he would like to continue playing Picard after this season of the series wraps up

2 years ago


The Worst Star Trek Series Wanted To Save The Show With Musical Numbers

A network executive from UPN suggested that Star Trek: Enterprise should have weekly performances from young and hip bands.

2 years ago

nicolas cage star trek

Nicolas Cage Wants To Join Star Trek

In a recent interview, Nicolas Cage says he isn’t interested in a Star Wars role, because he’s more into Star Trek.

2 years ago

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage Sides With Another Franchise Over Star Wars

Nicolas Cage would not do a Star Wars project, because he’s a Star Trek fan.

2 years ago