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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Jump directly to the latest news about each Star Trek movie cast you’re most interested in.

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

Star Trek: Lower Decks Just Ended The Bridge Window Versus Viewscreen Debate

Yes, it was a viewscreen and not a bridge window. But recent versions have tried to retcon that into some sort of window, and a debate has raged among fans about whether that huge thing at the front of the ship is a window or a viewer. Star Trek: Lower Decks just ended that bridge window versus viewscreen debate in its season 2 finale episode, “First First Contact”.

3 years ago

Star Trek Just Redesigned One Of The Greatest Starships Of All Time, And It’s Glorious

Star Trek: Lower Decks just concluded its second season and the series continues to shine as one of the best things Star Trek has ever produced. At every step along the way they’ve made all the right choices, and they made another right choice in the final episode by resurrecting and redesigning one of the greatest Star Trek starship designs of all time with a new version of the Excelsior class.

3 years ago

sonya gomez star trek the next generation

Sonya Gomez Returns In Star Trek And She Has Seriously Ranked Up

Star Trek just brought back Sonya Gomez, giving her a touching story along the way.

3 years ago

patrick stewart

Patrick Stewart Fans Want To Send Him To Space Next

Patrick Stewart’s fans want the actor to get his own space trip now that William Shatner has gotten one!

3 years ago

william shatner

See William Shatner Go To Space In Live Video

William Shatner is finally on his way to space and you can watch the live video feed!

3 years ago

kate mulgrew star trek

See Star Trek’s Kate Mulgrew Back In The Captain’s Chair At Age 66

Kate Mulgrew is back in the captain’s chair 26 years after the premiere of Star Trek: Voyager!

3 years ago

william shatner star trek wrath of khan

William Shatner Just Got Some Bad News About His Space Flight

William Shatner’s space flight is already off to a bumpy start as the Star Trek actor gets some bad news about the upcoming event.

3 years ago

star trek: deep space nine

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer Reveals Redesigned Ferengi, They’ve Ruined Them

We haven’t seen the Ferengi in the world of Star Trek: Discovery before, but the new Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer has a Ferengi wearing a Starfleet uniform in it.

3 years ago

william shatner

William Shatner Is Terrified Of Upcoming Space Flight

Though he played an Enterprise captain on Star Trek, it looks like William Shatner has some real concerns about his upcoming space fligh

3 years ago

ufo us navy

See A UFO Floating In The Sky Above Chicago

There was some kind of UFO in the skies over Chicago recently, and a woman and her son caught it on camera!

3 years ago

star trek picard season 2

Star Trek: Picard Star Reveals Season 2’s Major Themes

One of the stars of Star Trek: Picard’s talks about what to expect from the new season’s themes.

3 years ago

star trek, patrick stewart, captain picard

The Star Trek And X-Men Crossovers Are Absolutely Bonkers

Did you know the X-Men have met the heroes of Star Trek?

3 years ago

william shatner

William Shatner Is Officially Headed To Space

It’s official! William Shatner — the man who brought Captain Kirk to life — is going to be following in his character’s footsteps.

3 years ago

owen wilson

Owen Wilson Is a Space Cowboy For Billionaire Star Trek, See The Video

See Owen Wilson in a new Star Trek parody that has the internet talking.

3 years ago

whoopi goldberg ghost

A Whoopi Goldberg Classic Is Getting A Sequel

One of Whoopi Goldberg’s most popular comedy movies is getting a sequel.

3 years ago

Star Trek Just Brought Back The Wrath Of Khan Enterprise, See It In Action

She hasn’t been seen on screen since her death at the end of Star Trek III: The Search For Spock and we haven’t seen another refit-style Constitution class on screen since Captain Kirk sailed off into the sunset at the end of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

3 years ago

picard season 3

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Photos Reveal New Starship With A Classic Look

We’ve got photos for season 3 of Star Trek: Picard and they’re amazing!

3 years ago

babylon 5 movie

Babylon 5 Reboot Is Happening On A Major Network

Are you ready to go back to Babylon 5? Well, ready or not a reboot of the sci-fi show is on the way!

3 years ago

james mcavoy

James McAvoy Says He May Be Overqualified For His Dream Star Trek Role

Here’s why James McAvoy says he may be overqualified for his dream Star Trek role.

3 years ago

william shatner

William Shatner Is Going To Space With Jeff Bezos

William Shatner is reportedly going to space for real!

3 years ago

the orville season 3

See The Orville Season 3 Trailer Announce The Release Date

Believe it or not, we finally know when The Orville Season 3 is going to premiere!

3 years ago

star trek movies

Star Trek Movies Modeling Themselves After DC Films?

The Star Trek movie makers are taking a page from DC’s book.

3 years ago

star trek

Star Trek Just Changed The Joke For Red Shirts, They Aren’t Going To Insta-Die Anymore

Red Shirts are a part of Star Trek history that is now evolving.

3 years ago

captain kirk william shatner

Watch William Shatner Hilariously Roast Celebrity Impressions Of Captain Kirk

Check out a hilarious video of William Shatner roasting celebrity impressions of his iconic Captain Kirk character. This definitely pays off

3 years ago

Multiple Upcoming Star Trek Movies Confirmed To Be In The Works

Star Trek movie plans are in the works, according to a studio executive.

3 years ago

star trek rachel nichols

Star Trek Creator’s Son Reveals What He Thinks Of Quentin Tarantino’s Trek Movie

Here’s what the head of Roddenberry Entertainment had to say about Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek script.

3 years ago

jj abrams star wars

JJ Abrams Being Removed From Star Trek?

Is JJ Abrams being removed from future Star Trek projects? Apparently, the studio wants him to start taking a step back from the movies

3 years ago

star trek william shatner

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Gets Stunning 4K Version, See The Difference

The first Star Trek movie is getting a big makeover!

3 years ago

star trek games

Abandoned Star Trek Games Are Now Playable Again

A bunch of forgotten Star Trek games are back.

3 years ago

star trek discovery season 4

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Release Date Revealed

We finally know when Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 is happening.

3 years ago