Exclusive: Borg Star Trek Show In Development

We've learned a new series, focusing on the Borg of Star Trek, is being developed.

By Michileen Martin | Published

borg star trek

The Borg of Star Trek may not be Swedish (at least not all of them; there’s bound to be a Swedish person or two assimilated in the Collective), but according to our trusted and proven sources, they could be getting their own series. Our sources tell us a series focusing on the cybernetic antagonists is in development at Paramount. We don’t know if the Borg will be the villains or the heroes of the show, but some other stories that have leaked from Trek — as well as some interesting developments in the characters over the past few years — give us some pretty good ideas.

When the Borg were introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation, they were just about the closest thing the franchise had to an unambiguous evil. That began to change with the introduction of Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine as one of the heroes of Star Trek: Voyager. So it’s conceivable that the Borg would be the heroes of whatever concept Paramount has in mind, and it’s possible the groundwork for that has already been laid.

In the Borg’s latest appearance in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard — “latest” by way of the franchise’s chronology, since their more recent appearance in Star Trek: Prodigy takes place close to 20 years before that of Picard — a different Borg Collective that valued individuality joined the Federation to save the galaxy from a spatial anomaly. As explained by Nerdist, the new Collective thrives under the leadership of a new Borg Queen; a merging of the old Queen and Dr. Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill). The season ends with the nature of the anomaly, and whatever villains may or may not be waiting on the other side of it, a mystery.

borg star trek
Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in the trailer for Star Trek: Picard, Season 3

It could very well be these new Borg introduced in Star Trek: Picard that the potential series is meant to focus on. It seems likely Jeri Ryan could be a significant part of the show. We learned a few months ago that a solo series for Seven of Nine was in development, and it’s possible that project has morphed (or “adapted”) into this one.

Another possibility is that this Borg series could be the horror show Star Trek has been toying with for some time now. There has been word of the Trek producers developing a horror-centric series for some time now, including from our own sources. At around the same time, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds streamed “All Those Who Wander” as its penultimate Season 1 episode; a story that proved equal parts Predator and Alien, and just about the scariest episode the franchise has ever produced.

The Borg would be clear contenders as the focus of a Star Trek horror series. As not only near unbeatable foes, but ones able to assimilate victims into their Collective, the Borg are the closest thing Trek has to zombies.

As soon as we know more specifics about the Borg Star Trek series, we’ll make sure you know, too.