Exclusive: Julian Bashir Returning In Star Trek Lower Decks And Section 31 Series

Our sources confirm that Alexander Siddig is on his way back to Star Trek as Dr. Julian Bashir.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

Julian Bashir Star Trek

Dr. Julian Bashir, played by Alexander Siddig, is on his way back to Star Trek. Our trusted and proven sources tell us Siddig has signed on to return to the franchise. He’ll be voicing his signature role in the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks and he’ll be back with his voice and everything else in the upcoming live-action series based on Section 31.

The word we received tracks with Season 3 of Lower Decks which concluded in October. The most recent episodes included brief but memorable appearances by Section 31, as well as a fan-favorite return to the Deep Space Nine station. While Julian Bashir wasn’t in that particular Star Trek episode, Nana Visitor and Armin Shimerman both voiced their DS9 roles for the story.

That Julian Bashir will appear in the Section 31 Star Trek series is perhaps the most surprising update of the two. Many have questioned whether or not the show, which Michelle Yeoh is expected to be leading as Emperor Philipa Georgiou, had wandered into development limbo. Her character comes from a different century than that of Bashir, which brings up the question of exactly when this series will be set in the Trek timeline.

star trek section 31
Michelle Yeoh as Emperor Philippa Georgiou in Star Trek: Discovery

Of course, time travel is often used in Trek, and with that device just about anything becomes possible. Emperor Philipa Georgiou leaps into a time travel portal in Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery and while it wasn’t revealed when or where she came out, it was assumed she would be sent back to the 23rd century. Perhaps this means she’ll instead be joining Julian Bashir in the 24th century for Star Trek: Section 31.

It’s also conceivable Michelle Yeoh is no longer attached to the project. With the actress’ profile and list of upcoming projects growing — with the latest news from Variety casting her in the film adaptation of Wicked — her schedule may not be able to give room to a Trek series anymore. Julian Bashir may be replacing her in Star Trek: Section 31.

With this news, it seems likely something that both fans and Trek creators have talked and written about for years will become official: that Julian Bashir, in spite of the righteous indignation with which he responds to the very existence of Section 31 in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, will join the clandestine organization. He could potentially even replace the late Sloan (William Sadler) as the head of Section 31.

When the former Deep Space Nine writers and producers put together a hypothetical revival premiere episode, one of the changes they pitched was Julian Bashir becoming the head of Star Trek’s Section 31. In fact, starting with 2001’s Section 31: Abyss, David Mack wrote a series of non-canonical novels in which Siddig’s character was brought into the secret organization along with other popular Trek characters.

julian bashir star trek
Alexander Siddig and William Sadler in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “Inquisition”

Julian Bashir’s obsession with Star Trek’s Section 31 begins in the DS9 Season 6 episode “Inquisition” when he’s targeted by the organization as a potential spy. Offended that such a group exists within the Federation, Bashir agrees to do his best to take the organization down the next time he’s contacted. As much as he’s genuinely disgusted by Section 31’s existence, it’s made clear he’s also excited by the possibility of becoming a real-life spy.

Alexander Siddig’s acting career since playing Julian Bashir on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is one of the bigger success stories of Trek alum from that period; particularly since the mid-2010s. Since that time, Siddig has scored prominent roles in Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, 21 Bridges, and most recently in the Apple TV+ drama Shantaram.