Chris Hemsworth Wanted A Star Trek Solo Movie

Chris Hemsworth says he would have loved to return to Star Trek for his own feature film but is doubtful it will ever happen.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

Star Trek Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, now famous for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wanted to return to the Star Trek reboot series as Captain Kirk’s father for a solo movie. Hemsworth originally played George Kirk at the beginning of 2009’s Star Trek — his first credited movie role. In the movie, Hemsworth was seen captaining a starship in a battle against the film’s time-traveling antagonist, ultimately sacrificing himself to save his wife and his unborn son. In an interview with YouTuber Josh Horowitz, however, the plan didn’t come to fruition for several reasons.

Horowitz revealed that he had seen a proposed script for Chris Hemsworth’s return to Star Trek. He described it as seeming like a father-son buddy movie. Captain James T. Kirk, played by Chris Pine, would travel to the past and reunite with his late father. 

Chris Hemsworth revealed that he would have enjoyed returning to the role, but that everyone involved got too busy to make it happen. Now, he believes it will never happen. It has been 13 years since the first film was released, and Hemsworth noted that it would seem strange for his character to look so much older than he did when he died.

The death of Chris Hemsworth’s version of George Kirk might have been a brief scene, but it had lasting repercussions on the reboot series’ lore. His death changed the course of history in the new Star Trek canon, causing James T. Kirk to grow up without a father and completely altering the course of events in the series’ universe.

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While there currently are plans to create a fourth film in this universe, there are doubts about whether it will actually be made. Oddly, the possible return of George Kirk was not the only character resurrection that Chris Hemsworth discussed during the interview. He spoke about his return to the role of Tyler Rake in the upcoming Extraction 2

At the end of the original 2020 film, Chris Hemsworth’s character died. He said that, originally, the plan was to end the series there. But, as is often the case, popular movies result in sequels.

“Too many people watched it, so we brought him back,” Christ Hemsworth said, laughing. “We were so proud of it. We were like, no, we’re killing him. We’re killing the character, and that’s it. And then they’re like, ‘There might be a sequel, though.'”

While George Kirk was the first movie role that Chris Hemsworth played, it was not his first acting role. From 2004 until 2007, Hemsworth played the role of Kim Hyde in the long-lived Australian soap opera Home and Away. Before landing that part, he played multiple smaller roles. He appeared as King Arthur for two episodes of the fantasy series Guinevere Jones, and appeared in individual episodes of NeighborsMarshall Law, The Saddle Club, and Fergus McPhail.

Although Chris Hemsworth will likely never return to the set of Star Trek, and he has expressed doubts about continuing his role as Thor, his career has been more than successful. Along with the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars, Hemsworth is set to appear in the upcoming Furiosa, Extraction 2, and an as-yet-unnamed Hulk Hogan biopic.