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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

scott bakula captain archer star trek

Star Trek: Discovery Just Paid Tribute To Enterprise’s Captain Archer

The debut episode of Star Trek: Discovery’s season 4 contains a lot of self-congratulatory back-slapping over what they accomplished in the previous season. To be fair, even though most of what happened in season 3 made almost no sense, the end result was basically the crew of Discovery saving the entire Federation. They probably deserve a thank you or two.

2 years ago

Star Trek Has Finally Allowed Hortas To Join Starfleet

One of the greatest Star Trek episodes of all time is “The Devil in The Dark”. It’s the twenty-fifth episode of the original series’ first season and in it Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock encounter a strange creature known as a “Horta”.

2 years ago

do not use this image

See The Star Trek Theme Park Being Built Right Now

Trekkies are going to want to get excited about this news. Apparently, Paramount is building a theme park that will have a Star Trek section. It is set to be a massive undertaking.

2 years ago

Star Trek Is Putting Its Characters In Leather, X-Men Style Uniforms Now

Uniforms have always been one of the big parts of the fun with Star Trek. Each era of crew has its own unique look and style, but what makes a Star Trek uniform so unique from that of other sci-fi franchise is that even though they may differ, they all fit together to fill a certain franchise aesthetic.

2 years ago

star trek prodigy season 2

Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Has Had Its Fate Decided

Will Star Trek: Prodigy get a second season? Paramount has decided the newest Stark trek series’ fate!

2 years ago

marlon brando superman

Marlon Brando Nearly Played A Major Star Trek Villain

Marlon Brando almost played one of the most pivotal villains in Star Trek!

2 years ago

william shatner

William Shatner Replaced Another Superstar On Space Flight

William Shatner wasn’t the first celebrity offered the flight to space, he was just the first to say yes.

2 years ago

william shatner star trek

A Beloved William Shatner Star Trek Prop Is Selling For Half A Million Dollars

A Star Trek prop once held by William Shatner is going to the highest bidder.

2 years ago

alice eve

Alice Eve Refuses To Apologize For Star Trek Underwear Scene, Even Though Others Have

Alice Eve isn’t backing down from a scene she did during Star Trek Beyond that had her stripping down to just her underwear.

2 years ago

star trek: deep space nine feature

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Actress Dies

The cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has lost another bright star.

2 years ago

star trek nft

Star Trek Animated Movie Happening, Our Scoop Confirmed

The Giant Freakin Robot exclusive has been confirmed and we are going to get a Star Trek animated movie in the not-so-distant future

2 years ago

Star Trek: Prodigy Debuts And Drops Starfleet Into A Battle Against Star Wars

Geeks have spent decades debating which franchise is better: Star Trek or Star Wars. Star Trek: Prodigy aims to put that debate to rest by combining both franchises and turning them into a show for tweens.

2 years ago

star wars daisy ridley

Star Wars Beats Star Trek In Battle For The Most Awards

Star Wars or Star Trek? Well, this year Star Wars won an important awards battle against their interstellar rival!

2 years ago

star trek the next generation beverly crusher

Star Trek Anniversary Celebration To Include New Series Launch

A new Star Trek series is on the way that will include stars from all over the history of the franchise!

2 years ago

stargate streaming new series feature

All Stargate Shows Are About To Leave Streaming For A Long Time

If you’re watching a Stargate series, you better watch it quick!

2 years ago

star trek

See The Stunning First Scenes From Star Trek’s New Series

The newest Star Trek show just dropped two preview scenes with incredible imagery.

2 years ago

Patrick Stewart

Star Trek Actor Returning For Picard Season 2, But With A Catch

This Star Trek actor isn’t returning in the way we thought for Picard season 2.

2 years ago

kill bill 3 uma thurman

Kill Bill 3 Is Quentin Tarantino’s Final Movie?

Will Kill Bill 3 be the final film directed by Quentin Tarantino?

2 years ago

star trek wrath of khan william shatner

William Shatner Reacts To This Wild Connection Between Star Trek and Halloween Kills

In Mirror, Mirror — a classic 1967 episode of Star Trek: The Original Series — William Shatner’s Captain Kirk learns …

2 years ago

william shatner george takei

William Shatner Fires Off At George Takei With Scathing Statement

William Shatner responds to George Takei’s insults and the former Captain Kirk isn’t pulling any punches!

2 years ago

radio waves satellite dish

Mysterious Radio Waves Are Coming From The Center Of The Galaxy

Scientists are stumped about the strange radio waves coming from the center of our galaxy!

2 years ago

william shatner george takei

George Takei Mocks William Shatner For Going To Space, Calls Him A Guinea Pig

While everyone else is congratulating William Shatner, George Takei is mocking his former co-star!

2 years ago

william shatner star trek

William Shatner Explains What Will Bring Him Back To Star Trek

What could make William Shatner return to Star Trek? He recently game the answer away.

2 years ago

Star Trek: Lower Decks Just Ended The Bridge Window Versus Viewscreen Debate

Yes, it was a viewscreen and not a bridge window. But recent versions have tried to retcon that into some sort of window, and a debate has raged among fans about whether that huge thing at the front of the ship is a window or a viewer. Star Trek: Lower Decks just ended that bridge window versus viewscreen debate in its season 2 finale episode, “First First Contact”.

2 years ago

Star Trek Just Redesigned One Of The Greatest Starships Of All Time, And It’s Glorious

Star Trek: Lower Decks just concluded its second season and the series continues to shine as one of the best things Star Trek has ever produced. At every step along the way they’ve made all the right choices, and they made another right choice in the final episode by resurrecting and redesigning one of the greatest Star Trek starship designs of all time with a new version of the Excelsior class.

2 years ago

sonya gomez star trek the next generation

Sonya Gomez Returns In Star Trek And She Has Seriously Ranked Up

Star Trek just brought back Sonya Gomez, giving her a touching story along the way.

2 years ago

patrick stewart

Patrick Stewart Fans Want To Send Him To Space Next

Patrick Stewart’s fans want the actor to get his own space trip now that William Shatner has gotten one!

2 years ago

william shatner

See William Shatner Go To Space In Live Video

William Shatner is finally on his way to space and you can watch the live video feed!

2 years ago

kate mulgrew star trek

See Star Trek’s Kate Mulgrew Back In The Captain’s Chair At Age 66

Kate Mulgrew is back in the captain’s chair 26 years after the premiere of Star Trek: Voyager!

3 years ago

william shatner star trek wrath of khan

William Shatner Just Got Some Bad News About His Space Flight

William Shatner’s space flight is already off to a bumpy start as the Star Trek actor gets some bad news about the upcoming event.

3 years ago