See Star Trek Predict Social Media And Its Evil Effects In 1968

Star Trek seemingly predicted the existence of social media in 1968 in an episode that pitted the crew against a force that feeds off of others' emotions.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

While The Simpsons may be well known for predicting events long before they happen, even landing a special “The Simpsons Predict” category on Disney+, Star Trek: The Original Series is a close second when it comes to shows calling the events of the future. In a recently shared tweet, members of the USS Enterprise have come face-to-face with a force that feeds off “the emotions of others” and drives them to react to their hate, leaving violence in its wake. As the original poster, Dave Blass, who works as a production designer on hit shows including The Boys and Star Trek: Picard, ponders, could this have been the groundbreaking sci-fi series’ way of predicting social media?

The snippet in question comes from the show’s seventh episode of its third season titled “Day of the Dove.” In it, an evil entity with sinister intentions secretly boards the Enterprise and uses its negativity to force the ship’s crew to clash with Klingon forces. In the bit speculated on by Blass, we see Star Trek legends Captain Kirk (William Shatner), Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and Klingon woman, Mara (Susan Howard), confront the energy force towards the tail end of the episode.

The trio quickly realizes that the power feeds off misunderstandings and drives wedges between its targets. Recognizing that the show’s creators also predicted the inventions of computers, flip phones, and more, Blass further drives his point home that they must’ve seen social media coming from lightyears away. In typical Star Trek fashion, the dark episode that involves an attempted sexual assault clears up its big bad when the Klingons and Enterprise crew members bridge their differences and celebrate with roars of laughter.

If anyone could’ve learned a thing or two from the Star Trek episode, it would be franchise star, William Shatner. Known for having some rather controversial opinions, the actor has both blasted and been put on blast numerous times over the last year alone. From talking trash about other offshoots in the Star Trek universe to continuing decades-long feuds with his ex-co-stars, the famed actor certainly didn’t learn much from “Day of the Dove.”

Star Trek episode “Day of the Dove”

After regretfully leaving things on a bad note with his late Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy, you would think Shatner would let bygones be bygones and extend an olive branch to fellow star George Takei. The duo is constantly barraging each other with insult after insult, with Shatner seeming to have started it all by claiming that Takei only used his name for publicity. To say that this enraged Takei is a massive understatement, with the actor quickly clapping back.

More recently, Shatner’s put acting on the back burner and has done his very own space exploration – a place where Takei would no doubt like to see him stay. But, with Dave Blass’ latest Star Trek deep dive dig, not only does it act as a reminder for feuders like Shatner and Takei, but also the rest of us. While living in the age of technology certainly has its pluses, there’s also the major downside that can pit person against person – just something to keep in mind for your daily doom scroll.