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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Jump directly to the latest news about each Star Trek movie cast you’re most interested in.

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

star trek movies

Star Trek Just Found Its New Captain Kirk, See The First Look

Check out our first look at the new Captain Kirk in the Star Trek universe. This casting is a somewhat surprising move for the franchise

2 years ago

star trek spock leonard nimoy

Star Trek: Picard Hid A Heartbreaking Spock Reference, See The Pics

If you’re a fan, get a kleenex.

2 years ago

patrick stewart

Patrick Stewart Opens Up On The Challenges Of Acting At His Age

Patrick Stewart talked about the difficulties of filming two seasons of a show back to back (and an MCU movie) at 81 years old.

2 years ago

star trek fan fiction

The Star Trek Movie That Was Inspired By Fan Fiction

The fans helped make it happen!

2 years ago

anson mount star trek strange new worlds
star trek movies spock

New Spock Actor Channels Leonard Nimoy, See The Video

He sounds just like him!

2 years ago

dwayne johnson doom

Dwayne Johnson Is In Star Trek, See Who He Played

Dwayne Johnson brought his cookin’ to the world of Star Trek!

2 years ago

scott bakula captain archer star trek

Scott Bakula Reveals Where His Star Trek Series Went Wrong

He opens up about how it lost steam.

2 years ago

star trek the next generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation Is Leaving Netflix

All good things must come to an end.

2 years ago

John Billingsley

John Billingsley Reveals Why He Turned Down Returning In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

John Billingsley has revealed why he is not going to show up on the upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and we kind of get it.

2 years ago

whoopi goldberg star trek

Whoopi Goldberg Reveals The Answer to Decades Old Star Trek Mystery

So, Whoopi Goldberg allows us all inside her Guinan character with a simple answer:

2 years ago

star trek picard season 2

Picard Season 2 Premiere Review: Time For A Second Chance

Picard Season 2 is finally here and the premiere episode may be worth watching, but will we be able to say that about the rest of the series?

2 years ago

john de lancie

Picard’s John De Lancie Refused To Do One Thing When Returning As Q

John de Lancie reprised his role on the hit show Picard, but one of his demands had to be met in order for him to return.

2 years ago

anson mount star trek
zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana Opens Up About Making Star Trek 4 Without Late Co-Star

With the fourth Star Trek film finally underway, Zoe Saldana talks about returning to the franchise and paying tribute to a late co-star.

2 years ago

william shatner

William Shatner Pays Tribute To Leonard Nimoy In Emotional Post

The Captain misses his best friend.

2 years ago

william shatner

William Shatner Reveals Why Star Trek Fans Know More Than Him

William Shatner’s appearance as James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Generations saw his iconic portrayal of the science-fiction icon comes to a fatal end.

2 years ago

star trek

Star Trek’s Funniest Series Is Getting A Game

It looks like Star Trek fans have a lot of good things coming their way. While you wait for the new seasons, there is definitely a lot of stuff to catch up on.

2 years ago

star trek william shatner
star trek 4

Chris Pine Did Not Know He Is Making Star Trek 4, Even Though It’s Announced

Maybe they should’ve given him a call?

2 years ago

star trek movies

Fans Have Chosen The Best Star Trek Series

Which one did they pick?

2 years ago

worf series star trek michael dorn
star trek anson mount

See Star Trek’s New Enterprise Bridge In Detail

We’ve got images from the new Enterprise bridge!

2 years ago

Chris Pine’s Crew To Return In New Star Trek Movie, Our Scoop Confirmed

The Giant Freakin Robot original exclusive has been confirmed with Chris Pine and company returning for another Star Trek movie

2 years ago

star trek 4

Fan-Favorite Star Trek Villain Actor Cast As One Of Marvel’s Gods

A former Trek bad guy is coming to Marvel!

2 years ago

star trek

The Best Star Trek Movie Is Coming Back To Theaters

The best one is back!

2 years ago

eddie murphy adventures of pluto nash

The Eddie Murphy Star Trek Movie You’ll Never See

Eddie Murphy almost joined the crew of the Enterprise!

2 years ago

Star Trek popularity

Fans Have Chosen Star Trek’s Best Movie

The best Star Trek movie has been chosen!

2 years ago

star trek strange new worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Features The Franchise’s Greatest Villain?

During the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Television Critics Association panel on Tuesday, series showrunner Akiva Goldsman said the show will have a significant link to the franchise’s greatest villain

2 years ago

star trek enterprise

First Look At Star Trek: Strange New World’s Version Of The Enterprise

Get your first glimpse of the new Enterprise!

2 years ago