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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Jump directly to the latest news about each Star Trek movie cast you’re most interested in.

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

rebecca romjin star trek

Rebecca Romijn Reveals Exciting New Star Trek Canon For Number One

Something new for Number One!

2 years ago

star trek

Star Trek Actor Gets Public Apology From Former Co-Star

A Star Trek actor received a public apology from a former co-star and the two hashed out some things from behind-the-scenes.

2 years ago

william shatner star trek wrath of khan

William Shatner Wasn’t In The Star Trek Reboot For A Wild Reason

J.J. Abrams has a reason why William Shatner did not show up in his reboot of Star Trek, and it is pretty much classic Shatner.

2 years ago

star trek

Fans Have Chosen The Best Star Trek Captain

An exhaustive fan poll has determined the audience pick for the best Star Trek captain of them all, but is it who you think it is?

2 years ago

star trek movies

Star Trek Just Made A Huge Reveal, But Is It Actually Canon?

It looks like the folks from Star Trek made a big reveal, possibly by accident, about a major character. Will this be canon for the franchise?

2 years ago

battlestar galactica cast

The Best Battlestar Galactica Actor Just Joined Star Trek

Live Long and kill Cylons!

2 years ago

adele pomerenke star trek
lower decks

Exclusive: Star Trek Lower Decks Characters Planned To Appear In Live-Action

Now, Giant Freakin Robot has learned Paramount is planning to bring the Lower Decks character to live-action, and better yet, we have some details on how audiences can expect to see it actually happen.

2 years ago

jolene blalock star trek: enterprise

Did You Know: Jolene Blalock Loves Star Trek, But Has Major Criticisms For One Character

There was one character she had huge issues with.

2 years ago

star trek wrath of khan william shatner

William Shatner Supports The Latest Controversial Star Trek Move

Star Trek is one of the most beloved science-fiction properties in the world, and William Shatner has now voiced his approval of the property’s controversial move.

2 years ago

lower decks season 2 review

See The Hilarious First Trailer For Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3

A trailer for the upcoming season three of the acclaimed Star Trek: Lower Decks has been released, and predicatably, it’s pretty great.

2 years ago

star trek games

Another Star Trek Game Is On The Way, And It’s Not Resurgence

The Star Trek: Mission Chicago event featured a special announcement of an upcoming game, and it’s something they have never done before.

2 years ago

wil wheaton wesley crusher

Wil Wheaton Responds To Being Left Out Of Star Trek: Picard

Almost everyone from Star Trek: The Next Generation will be showing up on Picard, but not Wil Wheaton. Here’s what he has to say about it.

2 years ago

brent spiner picard

Brent Spiner Says His Star Trek Character Foreshadows A Classic Villain

Every villain comes from somewhere.

2 years ago

jolene blalock star trek enterprise

Jolene Blalock Was In Stargate, See Who She Played

Star Trek wasn’t her only destination.

2 years ago

worst Star Trek

Star Trek Fans Are Furious As Paramount Doubles Down On Controversial New Project

Star Trek fans are in an uproar over Paramount deciding to double down and go against the franchise’s key visions for the future.

2 years ago

chris pine

Chris Pine Reveals How Star Trek Has Changed For The Worse

He’s not happy with all the change.

2 years ago

levar burton
star trek: deep space nine header
star trek resurgence
anson mount

Anson Mount Brings Back Promising Star Trek Vibes In The Strange New Worlds Trailer

Meanwhile, Anson Mount’s Captain Pike wastes no time and can be spotted shirtless in bed entertaining some company.

2 years ago

star trek 4

Chris Pine Wants Star Trek Movies To Be Much Smaller

Chris Pine wants to make a major change to Star Trek movies, one that could have ramifications on the entire franchise.

2 years ago

jeri ryan star trek: picard
star trek captain

Beloved Star Trek Director Marvin J. Chomsky Has Died

Marvin J. Chomsky, a beloved and prolific television and film director known for his work with Star Trek and Roots, has passed away.

2 years ago

star trek

See Star Trek’s New Uhura Up Close

Star Trek has a brand new version of communications officer Nyota Uhura, and this shows her in action, exploring strange new worlds.

2 years ago

star trek kate mulgrew
star trek

Star Trek Just Made One Of Its Worst Movies Look Amazing

This might change some minds.

2 years ago

star trek iv

Star Trek Just Gave Fans The Best Character Return Ever

Who was expecting that?

2 years ago