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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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star trek section 31

Star Trek Sneakily Sets Up Section 31 Reveal

Last week, I wrote an op-ed arguing that the reveal of a Genesis device on a Ferengi ship in Star …

5 months ago

The Original Star Trek Movie Is Wilder Than Any Other

Before Star Trek: The Motion Picture as we now know it took shape, an entirely different movie, Star Trek: Planet …

5 months ago

star trek popularity

Who Should Replace Patrick Stewart In Star Trek?

Obviously, it’s difficult for most fans to ever imagine someone other than Patrick Stewart playing Captain Picard. However, as TrekMovie …

5 months ago

Why You Should Be Watching Star Trek: Lower Decks

Recently, Star Trek: Lower Decks showrunner Mike McMahan got very real in an interview with CinemaBlend and said that the …

5 months ago

Star Trek’s Best Hologram Villains: The Bad Guys Who Aren’t Really There

The holodeck or holosuite can be a place of joy, wonder, and scientific exploration. But when things go wrong, it …

5 months ago

Star Trek: Prodigy Is Saved, Finds New Streaming Home

Star Trek: Prodigy has found a streaming home on Netflix. According to Deadline, the streaming service has rights to distribute …

5 months ago

david warner freddy krueger

The Star Trek Icon Who Was Supposed To Be Freddy Krueger

David Warner had a long and storied career on both screen and stage, including notable roles in Star Trek, but …

5 months ago

star trek captain

Patrick Stewart Was Told Not To Accept Star Trek By His Greatest Co-Star

Although Sir Patrick Stewart has had several notable roles in his career, he is probably best known as Captain Jean-Luc …

5 months ago

Halloween In Star Trek: Disguised Villains Who Fooled Us All

Star Trek has a long history of doubles and imposters, and while these generally tend to last for only one …

5 months ago

star trek outbreak

Star Trek Didn’t Give Sulu A First Name, Here’s How He Got One

In the original Star Trek series from the 60s, George Takei’s character is called “Mr. Sulu” and that’s it. No …

5 months ago


Strange Love: Sci-Fi’s Weirdest Movie Romances

Love isn’t easy and, no matter how hard we try, things don’t always go as planned. But no matter how …

5 months ago

Ready To Stream Now: Best Science Fiction Movies Of 2009

Wondering what to watch this weekend? Here’s a list of the best science fiction movies released in 2009. They may …

5 months ago

We Now Know Why Star Trek Ships Need Carpeting

Star Trek: Lower Decks just answered another question that no Trekkie has ever actually asked: why do the ships in …

5 months ago

Star Trek’s Quark: How Many Businesses Does The Most Famous Ferengi Own?

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Ferengi Quark quickly became a fan-favorite character in large part because he contrasted …

5 months ago

Star Trek’s Genesis: The Device That Creates And Destroys So Much Life, Explained

What if one of the scariest weapons in all of Star Trek history was created by the Federation? Normally, these …

5 months ago

Star Trek’s Grand Nagus: The Head Of The Ferengi Alliance Explained

Among Star Trek’s Ferengi, the Grand Nagus is the leader of the Ferengi Alliance, the mercantile government of the Ferengi …

5 months ago

star trek ferenginar

Star Trek’s Ferenginar: The Rain-Soaked World Of The Ferengi And How It’s Changed

Introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Ferenginar is the homeworld of the Ferengi and the center of the Ferengi …

5 months ago

star trek ii: wrath of khan

Star Trek’s Most Destructive Weapon Returns And It Makes No Sense

It ruled the plot of not one but two Star Trek films, made a cameo in the final season of …

5 months ago

star trek hogwarts

Star Trek Brings The Least Likely Aliens Into The Federation

Hide the silverware and oil the Dabo wheel! As of the most recent episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, the …

5 months ago

star trek: deep space nine header

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Legends Finally Return

The most recently aired episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, which premiered on Paramount+ today, features the voice talent of …

5 months ago

star trek

The New Star Trek Episode Has Scotty Whip Off His Pants And Dance Around

The latest episode of the Star Trek animated short series Very Short Treks recently dropped and brought back some fan-favorite …

5 months ago

Paramount Canceling Even More Star Trek Shows?

Star Trek fans have been eating very well the past few years, but now it looks like Paramount may be …

5 months ago

Patrick Stewart Never Thought His Famous Star Trek Co-Star Would Last In Hollywood

Patrick Stewart’s revealing new memoir has the man behind Picard sharing insights about his experience working with a young Tom …

5 months ago

The Coolest Star Trek Toys From Your Childhood

These days, it’s obvious to everyone and their Gornmother that Star Trek is having a moment: Paramount has invested heavily …

5 months ago

star trek betazoid

Star Trek Betazoids: The Mind-Reading Enigmas Explained

What if one of the biggest parts of the Star Trek franchise was also something fans hardly knew anything about? …

5 months ago

star trek changelings

Star Trek’s Odo: The Best Episodes About Trek’s Natural Trick-Or-Treater 

It’s that spooky time of year, and Star Trek nerds everywhere have been revisiting the scarier episodes from the many …

5 months ago

star trek picard

Patrick Stewart Reveals Alternate Star Trek: Picard Ending

After two intensely rocky seasons, Star Trek: Picard managed to deliver a third season that pleased just about everyone and …

5 months ago

star trek: legacy

Star Trek Series Fans Begged For No Longer Possible?

Although fans felt Star Trek: Picard was a bit uneven in the early seasons, the final season brought just about …

5 months ago

star trek

Star Trek Finally Answers Deep Space Nine’s Greatest Mystery

One of the first major victories for the bad guys in the Dominion War was capturing the Federation planet Betazed, …

5 months ago

Star Trek Just Resurrected A Dead Character To Mock A Franchise Mistake

The latest episode of Very Short Treks brings back Charles “Trip” Tucker III from Star Trek: Enterprise and takes a …

5 months ago