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  • Created By: Gene Roddenberry
  • Launched On: September 8, 1966
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Tagline: Space, the final frontier…

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Latest Star Trek News & Rumors

star trek picard finale

Star Trek: Picard Torn To Shreds By Fans, Even After Season 3

It’s been almost a year since Star Trek: Picard saw its series finale, but fans are still talking about it, …

2 months ago

Star Trek Wanted To Replace DS9’s Best Hero With TNG Character

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has plenty of great characters, but perhaps none are as compelling as the Bajoran freedom …

2 months ago

star trek discovery season 5

Star Trek’s Most Hated Story Comes From A Surprising Place

There are plenty of things fans hated about Star Trek: Discovery, but by far, the biggest criticism concerns the story …

2 months ago

Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek’s Most Iconic Villains Don’t Make Sense

If you know anything about the fearsome Star Trek villains (and later reluctant Federation allies), the Klingons, you know they …

2 months ago

star trek synthehol

Star Trek’s Most Famous Drink Makes No Sense

For being such a geeky franchise, Star Trek has a surprising amount of alcoholic beverages ranging from Romulan Ale (a …

2 months ago

star trek night court

The Star Trek Series Crossover With an Unexpected Sitcom

Recently, actor John Larroquette donned full Klingon makeup for an episode of the Night Court revival, and this made Star …

2 months ago

star trek voyager

Star Trek Changed Voyager’s Best Character For A Dark Reason

The most recent season of Star Trek: Lower Decks brought back Nick Locarno, a character we last saw as a …

2 months ago

star trek borg

Star Trek Fans Fix Frustrating Borg Plot Hole

Though Star Trek has most certainly overused them, no foe has been quite as frightening as the Borg, the cybernetic …

2 months ago

Star Trek Chris Hemsworth

Walking Dead Star Reveals Cool Role In Chris Hemsworth Star Trek 4 Story

Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira says she almost had a role in the sequel to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond when …

2 months ago

star trek crossover

The Star Trek Crossover Everyone Wants To See Again

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and the animated Lower Decks are both great Trek shows, but no one ever expected …

2 months ago

star trek Q

Star Trek Reveal Changes Iconic TNG Villain Forever

From the very beginning of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Q was written as a godlike being who loved to …

2 months ago

Star Trek Fans Celebrate The Franchise’s Worst Story

In-universe, Star Trek has some pretty fun fictional holidays, with our favorite being “Captain Picard Day.” Outside of the shows …

2 months ago

The Sci-Fi Epic Series As Good As Star Trek, And You Don’t Need Netflix To Stream Right Now

The legendary 90s sci-fi series Babylon 5 is available to stream on Tubi. Created by J. Michael Straczynski, the series was designed …

2 months ago

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage Is Gunning For Star Trek

It’s time to seriously consider the possibility of Nicolas Cage playing Star Trek’s Captain James Kirk. Indeed, in an intriguing …

2 months ago

1980s Forgotten Superhero Movie With Star Trek Leading Actress

Right now, we’re living in the midst of both the Golden Age of superhero films and the long-awaited Star Trek …

2 months ago

Star Trek’s Worst Movie Redeems Beloved Character

Most fans of the franchise find Star Trek: Insurrection to be a huge disappointment, which is understandable: following up the …

2 months ago

The Unknown Writer Who Saved Star Trek

When fans talk about the Star Trek titans who have made the franchise so great, they often talk about creator …

2 months ago

captain kirk

Captain Kirk’s Violent Aggression Gets Justified

Compared to more mellow Starfleet commanders like Jean-Luc Picard and Kathryn Janeway, Captain Kirk is often branded the “shoot first, …

2 months ago

star trek prodigy

Star Trek Takes Home A Bunch Of Awards

Star Trek is one of the biggest sci-fi franchises, and the recent number of award nominations reflects its magnitude. Namely, …

2 months ago

star trek

Star Trek Needs To Leave The Federation Behind

There is a paradox at the heart of Star Trek so wild that even Spock and Data combined couldn’t figure …

2 months ago

Star Trek Created One Of Fandom’s Most Important Contributions

You may or may not be a Star Trek fan, but what if we told you this legendary series made …

2 months ago

miles o'brien

One Star Trek Character Always Being Tortured By The Writers

What if we told you that Star Trek is a franchise that never got tired of torturing its best character? …

3 months ago

Star Trek Works Better When It’s Cheaper and One Show Proves That

When NuTrek launched with Star Trek: Discovery, one thing was clear: Paramount wasn’t afraid to throw buckets of money at …

3 months ago

star trek q

Star Trek Icon Says Picard Spinoff Isn’t Happening

For those of you who were hoping for a Star Trek: Picard spinoff, we have some bad news for you. …

3 months ago

star trek hogwarts

Star Trek TNG Cast Finally Getting The Recognition They Deserve

Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the most beloved sci-fi TV shows of all time, in no small …

3 months ago

Iconic Star Trek Villain Actor Dead At 94

William O’Connell, best known for playing Thelev the Orion in Star Trek: The Original Series, died at his home in Sherman …

3 months ago

star trek picard

Star Trek TNG Character Gets Origin Story Change

Sela is everyone’s favorite evil half-human, half-Romulan from Star Trek: The Next Generation, but her villainous motives were always a …

3 months ago


80s Icon Brings Star Wars And Star Trek Fans Together

Historically, Star Trek and Star Wars fans have clashed over a variety of matters ranging from which franchise is better …

3 months ago

The Long Lost Star Trek Episode Starring Milton Berle

Captain Kirk and his crew soon discover their advanced technology is due to cultural interference by a Federation scientist called Bayne. Bayne was to be played by the iconic and notorious Milton Berle.

3 months ago

Star Trek TNG Movie Ties Into Deep Space Nine

Star Trek fans will be the first to tell you that movies based on The Next Generation were a decidedly …

3 months ago