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Latest Marvel News

wesley snipes

Wesley Snipes’ Most Iconic Movie Is Leaving Netflix

Wesley Snipes is one of our greatest living action stars and his most iconic movie is about to leave Netflix soon.

2 years ago

marvel morbius

Marvel’s Fans Are Fighting About One Of The Most Popular Superhero Movies

Marvel fans are known for being contentious, but Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Thanos are all duking it out in this war of words.

2 years ago

the penguin

One Of The Worst Marvel Movies Ever Could Actually Get A Sequel Thanks To Memes

The darker side of Marvel through the Sony Spider-Man Universe has seen some ups and downs with entries that have …

2 years ago

Karen Gillan marvel

Karen Gillan Is Leaving The Billion-Dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Karen Gillan has been a fan-favorite part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a decade now, but it looks like she might be done for good.

2 years ago


She-Hulk To Feature Marvel’s Weirdest Villain?

Well, we weren’t expecting him.

2 years ago

ms marvel

The First Ms. Marvel Reactions Are All Saying The Same Thing

Ms Marvel is the newest superhero that is going to receive the MCU treatment, and now the early reviews for the series are starting to pour in.

2 years ago

Emilia Clarke secret invasion

Exclusive: Emilia Clarke Appears In The Marvels

According to our trusted and proven sources, we will be seeing Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in more than just Secret Invasion.

2 years ago

loki season 2 owen wilson

Is The Loki Cast All Returning For Season 2?

Everyone is patiently waiting for news about when Loki Season 2 is going to get underway, and Tom Hiddleston recently revealed some big news about the cast returning.

2 years ago

ghostbusters ernie hudson

Ghostbusters Star Joins Spider-Man Spinoff Film

A star of Ghostbusters has been announced to star in Madame Web, the Spider-Man spinoff. We’ll give you a hint: it’s not Slimer.

2 years ago

guardians of the galaxy special

Marvel Star Calls Out Superhero Body Physique As Unhealthy

A Marvel star who has joined the MCU spoke recently about the unhealthy and unrealistic aims that much be achieved as part of getting ready for his role.

2 years ago

doctor strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 Grossed More Than Any Pandemic Era Film, Except One

Doctor Strange 2 has been tearing up the box office numbers, but it still failed to top the list of the most successful pandemic era film released.

2 years ago

joaquin phoenix

Exclusive: Joaquin Phoenix Met With Kevin Feige For Doctor Strange 3 Villain Role

Word from our trusted and proven sources is that Joaquin Phoenix is taking meetings to join the MCU in a new Doctor Strange movie.

2 years ago

Nikolaj coster-waldau marvel

Exclusive: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Has Joined A Secret Marvel Project

Our trusted and proven sources have tipped us off that Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is joining Marvel and we think we know as who.

2 years ago

letitia wright

Letitia Wright Says Black Panther 2 Was Nearly Impossible To Make

Letitia Wright was recently interviewed about the challenges that have come with making Black Panther 2. Those challenges have certainly …

2 years ago

ryan gosling

See Ryan Gosling As Marvel’s Next Superhero

Ryan Gosling is one of the best actors on the planet, though he has not yet entered the MCU. However, some fan art shows him as the next big superhero.

2 years ago

scream 5 neve campbell

Neve Campbell Joins Anthony Mackie For A Violent Video Game Adaptation

Once and future Scream star Neve Campbell is joining Anthony Mackie in an upcoming adaptation of a very, very violent video game.

2 years ago

Marvel She-Hulk disney marvel

Marvel Demanded A Major Change For She-Hulk

The trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has dropped and reportedly, Marvel Studios had a pretty big demand for how the character looks.

2 years ago

the penguin

Marvel Fans Are Trashing A Record-Setting Movie

Marvel fans are a tough crowd to please. Or maybe it’s just that they’re more sure and centered on what they want from a comic book to movie adaptation.

2 years ago

Marvel Snap

See Marvel Snap Bring In A Massively Stacked Lineup Of Marvel Characters In New Online Game

Marvel Snap is finally giving us a good look at what’s included in the upcoming Second Dinner game, and well, it’s a lot.

2 years ago

john boyega
stan lee

Stan Lee’s Likeness Acquired By Marvel Against His Final Wishes

Stan “The Man” Lee deserves better.

2 years ago

marvel morbius

Marvel Is Losing The Rights To A Legendary Hero

Marvel is losing the rights to one of the most iconic heroes of the last hundred years, but it is not for the first time.

2 years ago


Marvel Fans Are Already Furious About She-Hulk

The trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was unexpectedly released yesterday, and right on schedule, Marvel fans are upset about something.

2 years ago

jon bernthal punisher

Exclusive: Punisher R-Rated Movie In Development

A new R-rated Punisher movie is currently in development, and with that, there is the hope that will see Jon Bernthal cast as Frank Castle.

2 years ago

marvel morbius

The Most-Watched Marvel Series On Disney+ Revealed

One specific show has been revealed to be the most-watched Marvel series on Disney+.

2 years ago

She-Hulk’s First Trailer Is Here, Has Her Teamed Up With An Avenger

The next big Marvel series coming to Disney+ is called She-Hulk and, as the title suggests, it’s about a woman who gets the powers of a Hulk.

2 years ago

hayley atwell

Hayley Atwell To Star In A Live-Action Captain Carter Series?

The variant of Peggy Carter known as Captain Carter has become a fan favorite, which means we might be getting a new Hayley Atwell series.

2 years ago

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Reveals Nick Fury Won’t Be The Character We Know In His New Series

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is the constant that holds the MCU together, but he says when you see him next, he will not be the same.

2 years ago

james cameron natalie portman
doctor strange 2 balder

Deleted Doctor Strange 2 Opening Scene Kills Off A Major Villain

It’s rumored that Scarlet Witch was going to murder Mordo in the original opening scene of Doctor Strange 2.

2 years ago