Taylor Swift Coming To The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Taylor Swift

There’s a chance that Taylor Swift may be joining the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a rumor at this point, and there’s nothing officially confirmed. Still, it’s fascinating to imagine that the singer might be making a big jump into comic book movies as Dazzler, an X-Men character.

The Taylor Swift/Marvel rumor circulated from the YouTube channel The DisInsider, known by @TheDisinsider on X. During his YouTube video on Deadpool 3 and what we know so far, he went over the many rumors about surprise casting for the upcoming Marvel movie.

The Deadpool films have always been loaded with surprises. The meta nature of the comedy has led to guest cameos by members of the X-Men and big-name actors like Matt Damon. A running gag throughout the Deadpool movies has been the anti-hero trash-talking Hugh Jackman for his role as Wolverine.

Dazzler is a role tailor-made for a pop star like Taylor Swift

Now that it has been confirmed that Hugh Jackman is reprising Wolverine for Deadpool 3, there have been questions about who else will appear in the movie. More X-Men characters will likely emerge as each entry adds more to the roster. Taylor Swift playing Marvel’s Dazzler would likely be a welcome addition.

But who will be playing the Marvel characters being added? The DisInsider notes that the rumored castings are all unconfirmed but still list a few possibilities. Along with newcomer Taylor Swift, the Marvel casting may see the return of Brian Cox as William Stryker and Halle Berry as Storm.

Among the speculated new actors stepping into Marvel roles for Deadpool 3, one of them he mentions is Taylor Swift in the role of Dazzler. If true, it might be the most impressive guest star of the film.

Taylor Swift is dropped right in the middle of The DisInsider listing off rumored Marvel Deadpool 3 castings. It does catch the viewer off-guard, considering the other names mentioned seem more likely. Actors who have previously played Marvel characters are easier to believe showing up.

Who is Dazzler?

cameron crowe dazzler

But the question might be less if Taylor Swift will show up and more if Marvel’s Dazzler is possible. The Marvel Comics character first appeared in 1980’s The Uncanny X-Men #130. Dressed as a pop star, her extraordinary powers allowed her to transform sound into lights and energy beams.

While it’s a role tailor-made for a pop star like Taylor Swift, there’s no hard evidence that she’s being cast in the Marvel film. Considering how much people talk about possible cameos, Disney may keep it heavily under wraps for the biggest reveal. After all, if Wolverine’s back, who else could be returning?

So, is Taylor Swift showing up for Marvel’s Deadpool 3? It’s too soon to say and only a rumor at this point. But there are likely more surprises in store for this sequel than Wolverine appearing in the classic yellow attire.

When To Catch Deadpool 3

Shawn Levy is directing Deadpool 3, which will star Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The Marvel movie has a current theatrical release date set for May 3, 2024.

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