Deadpool & Wolverine Will Be The Best Logan Movie In One Important Way

By Shanna Mathews-Mendez | Published

deadpool & wolverine

If you’re a Marvel fan at all, you must be dying to see Deadpool & Wolverine in theaters this July 26, 2024. It looks like it will bring classic Deadpool, which we’ve enjoyed from the first two films, and the badass Wolverine from Logan, but without all the dead and dying stuff we had to endure in that film. Which is, really, what will make this film the best Wolverine yet.

Watered-Down Wolverine

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Let’s play a little catch-up. MCU fans first met Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. He was young, virile, angry, and reluctant to join the team.

Eventually, over the course of several films, Logan became the real center of the X-Men. Deadpool & Wolverine is dealing with a much different Logan. 

You see, in the early films, Logan was tough and tortured, but he was still incredibly family friendly. He was a watered down version of himself. Then came the swan song Logan. The film gives us an older, washed-up, dying Wolverine trying to right wrongs.

While this film is grittier and unleashes a more raw and real Wolverine, he is still slowly aging and losing his power, eventually dying. Deadpool & Wolverine will bring us the best of both worlds. 

A Truly Violent Wolverine

Deadpool & wolverine

We will get to have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and we will also get Deadpool’s and Logan’s R rating. This means that Deadpool & Wolverine will bring us a Logan we’ve never really seen before. But wait, how is this even possible? Logan’s dead!


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Not so fast. Remember that sneaky little organization called the Time Variant Authority from Loki? Yea, those guys are back, and, for whatever reason, they pull Deadpool out of his universe to change the past and, surprise, surprise, save the world. Ryan Reynolds will of course reprise his role as Deadpool, so we’ll have so much fun with that.

And, if you’ve watched the previous two Deadpool movies, you know he’s obsessed with Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. Who else would he turn to for help saving the world in Deadpool & Wolverine

They’ll Fight Each Other Before They Fight Side By Side

So, clearly, with the help of the TVA, Deadpool goes back in time to snatch Logan from his timeline before his world goes to hell and before he starts aging and growing too weak to be of much help. Marvel now has the rights to both Deadpool & Wolverine, so we’ll get to see them at their peak strength and performance in this film.

First, happily, audiences will get the inevitable argument and bloodletting between the two as Deapool convinced Logan to help. 

Then, ostensibly, the rest of Deadpool & Wolverine will revolve around two of the biggest baddest fighters in the MCU joined together to rip out guts, tear off heads, and make wise cracks along the way.

We Don’t Know Many Details

deadpool & wolverine

We don’t know a lot more about the upcoming film, except that we can expect to see much of the crew from Deadpool show up in their familiar roles, including Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, the love of Deadpool’s life. And there are so many rumors about plot twists, cameos (maybe Loki?), and timeline shifts. 

If anything can bring the MCU out of its current slump, it will be Deadpool & Wolverine. I know I’m beyond thrilled to see Logan back in action and at his best, and Deadpool never disappoints.      

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