1990s Horror Comedy Slasher Will Make You Die Laughing, Stream Without Netflix

By Robert Scucci | Updated

Movies like Dr Giggles aren’t meant to be taken seriously, and I’ll point out one tell you may not have noticed that drives this point home. The movie is called Dr Giggles. Comedy slashers of the ’90s are something special because their self-awareness is what often drives the humor, and this film is no exception. From its over-the-top usage of one-liners to its clever kills carried out through the inappropriate use of various medical implements, Dr Giggles is an absolute riot from start to finish that will have you busting a gut with laughter.

Deranged Doctor’s Revenge

Before we get to the blood and guts, I need to quickly establish the premise for Dr Giggles, but it won’t take long. The deranged son of a murderous doctor named Evan Rendell returns to his hometown to exact revenge against those who killed his father after being locked up in an insane asylum for 35 years. Dr Evan Rendell Jr, or Dr Giggles as he is more affectionately known, wants to finish his father’s work by cutting the hearts out of his soon-to-be victims.

Hearts and Motives Revealed

Dr Evan Rendell Senior cut out his victims’ hearts before his death so he could find a replacement heart that could help him resurrect his dead wife. Dr Giggles, on the other hand, just wants to kill his victims for the love of the game. However, Jennifer Campbell (Holly Marie Combs) becomes a victim of interest because she’s wearing a heart monitor, indicating to the deranged doctor that she’s afflicted with an illness not unlike his deceased mother’s.

Punning Psychopath

The above rundown is basically all you need to know about Dr Giggles, and for me to tell you why this movie is such an effective horror comedy. The titular doctor, portrayed by Larry Drake, is an unhinged psychopath who speaks almost exclusively in puns as if he were a doctor with a questionable bedside manner.

Dark Humor

Belting out one-liners like “leave it in for at least a minute” after impaling one of his victim’s heads with a thermometer, and “if you think that’s bad, wait until you get my bill,” it goes without question that Drake thoroughly enjoyed himself while seemingly ad-libbing his way through his HMO-violating rampage.

Victims And Villains

Dr Giggles‘ premise is further elevated by the fact that every other character in this movie pretty much plays it straight. As far as victim behavior goes, you might as well be watching a serious slasher like Halloween, but they’re running from… this guy. Imagine running from a serial killer who you think is going to stab you to death only for him to violently pump your stomach because he thought you ate too much ice cream, and wanted to remind you to cut down on your sugar intake.

Gore And Campiness


The tonal juxtaposition between a slash-happy sociopath and his slaughtered subjects makes for a great watch because the gore is offset by fearless levels of campiness. In other words, Dr Giggles is not a serious slasher, but it plays out like one, which only adds to its entertainment value.

If you want to see a feature length horror comedy that resembles something you’d see in an episode of Tales from the Crypt, then Dr Giggles should be your next watch on Tubi. Just make sure you’re up to date on your life insurance policy because you may die of laughter.