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There are some cool and crazy questions that come out of the major comic book franchises. We’ll dive into those here.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Star Confirms James Gunn DCU Talks

Ever since James Gunn first took over creative control of the DCU, rumors have circulated suggesting the filmmaker might try …

3 weeks ago

in the heart of the sea

Epic Adventure Blockbuster With Multiple Avengers Stars Is Already Being Forgotten

By now, Marvel has enlisted so many A-list actors for their enormous roster of superheroes that there are tons of …

3 weeks ago

Deadpool & Wolverine Pic Reveals Blade Variant Before Marvel’s Reboot?

Let’s face it: this is a pretty weird time for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While everyone is hyped …

3 weeks ago

the imitation game

Netflix Tragic Biopic Gives Marvel Icon His Greatest Role

By now, it’s likely fair to assume that most audiences are aware of Benedict Cumberbatch through his landmark role as …

4 weeks ago

Jonathan Majors Actually Lands Starring Role In Supernatural Revenge Thriller

Jonathan Majors has been cast in his first major role since his conviction of third-degree assault and harassment. Majors will …

4 weeks ago

loki thor

Thor Ragnarok Has More Norse Lore Than You Realize

While the Thor films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are based on the Marvel Comics written by Stan Lee, those …

4 weeks ago

The Best Marvel Blockbuster On Disney+ Transcends The Entire MCU

The Black Panther is in a league of its own in terms of Marvel films. It could almost stand on …

4 weeks ago

Russell Crowe Gives Harsh Truth To Comic Book Movie Actors

Russell Crowe has been in the Hollywood business for a long time, and part of that time has been spent …

4 weeks ago

Vincent D’onofrio Delivers Crushing Crossover News For Marvel Spider-Man Fans

Everyone was ecstatic when Vincent D’Onofrio appeared as the villainous Kingpin in Hawkeye, making his debut in the MCU and …

4 weeks ago

Disney Has The Perfect VS Movie For Marvel

I, like many of you, watched yesterday’s Nintendo Direct to see the newest old games the company would try to …

4 weeks ago

The X-Men Villain Perfect For A Horror Movie

With the X-Men coming to the MCU many possible characters could be used, but the obscure villain Arcade could be …

4 weeks ago

ryan reynolds deadpool

Ryan Reynolds Names The Best Comic Book Movie Ever And It’s Not Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds knows a thing or two about comic book movies, starring in some of the best (Deadpool and Deadpool …

1 month ago

deadpool & wolverine

Deadpool & Wolverine Makes International History

We are only about a month removed from the release of what is anticipated to be one of the biggest …

1 month ago

wesley snipes blade

Wesley Snipes Burns Marvel For Blade Reboot Problems

Marvel Studios has been hitting several roadblocks over the last few years, delaying project after project. While most titles now …

1 month ago

X-Men 97 opening

See The X-Men ’97 Finale Intro In Full Live Action

The first season of X-Men ‘97 came and went and it was the best MCU project we’ve seen in quite …

1 month ago

X-Men ’97 Is Officially The Best Marvel Project

It was already quite clear that X-Men ’97 has become quite the crowd-pleaser in only its first season. Though the …

1 month ago

1980s Horror Classic Debuts Future Marvel Villain Star, Stream Now

Before he landed the role of Blade villain Deacon Frost, Stephen Dorff was steadily working his way through lower-budget productions …

1 month ago

wolverine vampires

Wolverine Has A Weird Relationship With Vampires

Wolverine’s healing factor has a lot of really cool abilities beyond just closing wounds super fast. He’s immune to all …

1 month ago

Marvel Dads In The MCU Are Just Awful, Here Are The Worst MCU Dads

The MCU has a dad problem. All of the fathers are either dead, abusive or want to wipe out half …

1 month ago

Marvel Loses Blade Director, MCU Version Getting Canceled Permanently?

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see Blade join the MCU since it was announced that the vampire …

1 month ago

Over-The-Top Action Comic Book Adaptation On Max Unites Multiple Marvel Stars

These days, comic book adaptations have swept cinemas, becoming some of the only bankable options for major studios. As a …

1 month ago

marvel fantastic four

The DC Hero With More Potential Than Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic

With Marvel preparing to bring The Fantastic Four into the MCU, there’s a lot of speculation about how it will …

1 month ago

only you

Marvel Fans Must Discover This Forgotten Robert Downey Jr. And Marisa Tomei Rom-Com

Only You is a movie that gets easily lost in the shuffle among other greater, more epic 1990s romantic comedies …

1 month ago

The X-Men Mansion From X-Men ’97 Is Now Real

If you’ve ever wanted to stay at the X-Men Mansion, aka the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, you can now …

1 month ago

the first omen

Disney+ Gets Its First R-Rated Horror Hit

While the Disney name is synonymous with animated princesses, the brand has been diversifying a lot in recent years. Since …

1 month ago

Marvel Fan Favorite Superhero Only Exists Because Of Disco

The Disco craze of the late ’70s/early ’80s isn’t looked back on fondly these days. The era is often remembered …

1 month ago

Marvel Keeps Ruining The MCU With The Most Obvious Spoilers

As a lifelong comic book fan in high school when Iron Man came out, I was an instant fan of …

1 month ago

Deadpool & Wolverine Director Helming Next Avengers Is The Most Awful Possibility

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering a new phase that demands innovation while preserving the legacy of its most beloved …

1 month ago

Netflix Crime Thriller Series Gives Marvel Star Darker Material To Deal With

If you’ve only seen Benedict Cumberbatch in the Doctor Strange films and other MCU outings, you’re missing the depth of …

1 month ago

mark ruffalo marvel

Bruce Banner Isn’t Marvel’s First Hulk

You’re probably familiar with the idea that–like with all big Marvel properties–there have been plenty of spinoffs of the Hulk …

1 month ago