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There are some cool and crazy questions that come out of the major comic book franchises. We’ll dive into those here.

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Latest Marvel News

Spider-Man 4 Gets Star Trek Director And Starts Shooting In Just A Few Months?

Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin is reportedly in the running to direct Spider-Man 4, with plans underway for production to begin in …

4 weeks ago

rocky horror picture show

Tim Curry Plays Mr. Sinister In Live-Action X-Men ’97 Opening

Days after Marvel Animation Studios released the official episode openings for the upcoming X-Men ’97 animated series, Giant Freakin Robot …

4 weeks ago

jonathan majors

Marvel Star Openly Unhappy Series Didn’t Get Season 2

While Anthony Mackie certainly is not hurting for work, like any creative person, he is going to have projects that …

4 weeks ago

X-Men ’97 Proves Some Superheroes Don’t Belong In Live-Action

Adaptations are funny. At some point, we all decided that live-action narratives were the be-all, end-all goal of fiction. Case …

4 weeks ago

Quantumania jonathan majors

Jonathan Majors Actually Has Fans Wanting Him Back As Kang

Believe it, or not; Jonathan Majors still has some fans out there who are hopeful and excited at the possibility …

4 weeks ago

dcu dead

James Gunn Must Prove the DCU Doesn’t Need the Multiverse

James Gunn has garnered much favor with fans, critics, and the world at large with his Marvel movies. Now, having …

4 weeks ago

The Superheroes Who Should’ve Changed The Genre For The Better

When Pixar released The Incredibles in 2004 it stood out within the superhero genre. Its combination of original characters with …

4 weeks ago

Spider-Verse Reveals New Short Before Third Film

According to a Variety exclusive, in addition to the three main films, the Spider-Verse will feature a short animation called …

4 weeks ago

The Best “Goof Off” Movie Scenes To Celebrate National Goof Off Day

Today is National Goof Off Day, and if you’re reading this article…well, you’re probably already doing a good job of …

4 weeks ago

Marvel Producer Admits Strategy That Hurt The MCU And We All Knew It

Marvel is finally admitting what we all already knew: Disney’s big push to release as much superhero content as possible …

4 weeks ago

superhero costumes

Modern Superheroes Need To Take Inspiration From Christopher Reeve’s Superman Costume

When I first saw the symbol for James Gunn’s new Superman, I sighed. Not because I don’t like the design–Kingdom …

1 month ago

defenders daredevil marvel feature

Netflix Marvel Shows Are Now 100% MCU Canon

Marvel has experienced a major shakeup in recent years, with changes in the cinematic landscape prompting a great deal of …

1 month ago

brie larson
x-men 97 reviews

X-Men ’97 Makes The MCU Look Irrelevant

It is no secret that the MCU is struggling lately. Part of that is due to their own poor decisions. …

1 month ago

X-Men ’97 Isn’t Just Good, It’s Important

At first glance, X-Men ’97 has only one glaring problem, and it’s in Wolverine’s mouth. Fans used to the movies …

1 month ago


Marvel Cancels Three Entire Franchises? New Report Sounds Like The Right Decision

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has reportedly decided to cancel three franchises as the studio wants to take fewer risks and …

1 month ago

marvel blade

Marvel Needs To Give Up On Blade

Marvel, we know you mean well—but it’s time to say goodbye to your dreams of a soft Blade reboot; it’s …

1 month ago

x-men '97

X-Men ’97 Gets 100% On Rotten Tomatoes And We Can’t Wait To Watch

Is Marvel back on track? The first two episodes of the highly anticipated X-Men ‘97 are now streaming on Disney+, …

1 month ago

x-men 97

X-Men ‘97 Is Going to Give the MCU a Big Problem if It Succeeds

Fans of the X-Men franchise from the 1990s and 2000s are understandably concerned about a reboot of the much beloved …

1 month ago

Marvel Star Thinks Live-Action Anime Needs To Get One Thing Right To Succeed

While discussing his own anime influences Micahel B. Jordan has expressed his opinion on why previous live-action adaptations of anime …

1 month ago


Marvel’s Worst Hulk Has The Most Horrible Fate Possible

We all know the Incredible Hulk’s origin—Bruce Banner is caught in an explosion that bathes him in gamma radiation, causing …

1 month ago

Marvel Is Making The Biggest Mistake After Jonathan Majors Kang Fiasco

When Jonathan Majors locked himself up in legal troubles, Marvel had a decision to make with the supposed super villain …

1 month ago

my cousin vinny

The Hulu R-Rated Comedy That Put A Marvel Star On The Map

Long before Marisa Tomei took on the recurring role of Peter Parker’s Aunt May in the MCU, she starred alongside …

1 month ago

neil gaiman

Neil Gaiman Almost Made A Marvel Movie Prequel Series, We Were Robbed

Neil Gaiman was supposed to create an animated Thor series in the early 2000s. Responding to fan questions on Tumblr, the author …

1 month ago

the animal kingdom

The Animal Kingdom Is The Anti-X-Men Mutant Sci-Fi Epic We Need

The X-Men aren’t the only mutants to take the big screen by storm. The 2023 French-Belgian sci-fi fantasy adventure film The Animal Kingdom puts …

1 month ago

madame web

Madame Web Already Available At Home After Awful Reaction

It’s no secret that Madame Web was a flop in theaters, being panned by critics, ignored by audiences, and even …

1 month ago

The Marvels Star Thinks Everyone Is Wrong For Hating The Movie

The Marvels didn’t really fare well with critics or audiences, with many praising the performances of its stars but criticizing …

1 month ago

Final Fantasy 7 battle royale

Final Fantasy Should Be The Next Big Videogame Movie

Way back in 2001, video game fans were “treated” to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, a CGI movie that attempted …

1 month ago

marvel wolverine

Deadpool & Wolverine Bringing Back Most Hated X-Men Actor?

After a candid revelation on a recent episode of The Playlist Podcast, speculation has been ignited that James Marsden might …

1 month ago