Alien Director Eyed For Marvel MCU Team-Up

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One of the major staples of the MCU has always been that their movies remain pretty kid-friendly by never going above PG-13 in ratings. However, with the acquisition of the rights to the characters from the X-Men, Marvel Studios has shown they will be sticking by what made some of Fox’s take on the characters stand out. Namely, they are releasing Deadpool & Wolverine with an R rating. And with rumors that Fede Alvarez might be getting tapped to direct a movie based on the Midnight Sons group, Marvel might soon have its first-ever R-rated superhero group movie.

Marvel Growing Complacent?

This has marked a major change in the culture of the MCU, but many fans would likely call it a welcome one. Many have felt that Marvel has grown complacent in recent years, so branching out into a more adult demographic could be just the shake-up the studio needs. It has already been confirmed that 2026’s Blade will be rated R as well.

Midnight Sons R Rating?

So, if Fede Alvarez is brought in by Marvel to make Midnight Sons, it would only make sense that the movie would be rated R as well since Blade is one of the team members.

For those unfamiliar with the group, the Midnight Sons are a supernatural superhero team comprised of monsters and monster hunters. Like most superhero groups, the members have varied over the years, but some of the most prominent characters on the team have been Blade, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, Morbius, Wolverine, and Moon Knight.

A Huge Shift For Marvel

It would be a huge shift from The Avengers, but Fede Alvarez might be perfect for the job if Marvel wants him since all of his prior movies have also had R ratings.

Fans will know Alvarez from his previous director work on films like 2013’s Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe, and the upcoming Alien: Romulus. Based on that kind of filmography, Fede Alvarez should be right at home working on Marvel’s darker, more monstrous superhero group.

Scattered Characters

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Though it would be interesting to see how Marvel would handle the characters that are somewhat scattered, such as Morbius currently being handled by Sony, and Moon Knight currently only having a TV series on Disney+.

Still, with nothing happening until presumably after Blade is released, Marvel does have a few years to figure things out.

Marvel Keeping Quiet On Project

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It does need to be made clear that although plenty of fans would no doubt be excited for Fede Alvarez to helm the project, Marvel has not officially commented on the subject.

In fact, Marvel has not even publicly discussed a Midnight Sons movie at this stage. It is merely a strong rumor based on the number of fans who are vocal about wanting to see the project happen.

And Marvel has made it clear that they are happy to embrace injecting some fan service into their projects, as evidenced by Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Alien: Romulus Up Next For Fede Alvarez

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Fede Alvarez’s first stop will be seeing how Alien: Romulus does this summer, but if it proves a hit, it is not unreasonable to assume Marvel would take notice. Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, and Wolverine will all need their next chapters in the MCU soon. Blade and Ghost Rider are set to make their MCU debuts soon, too. The Midnight Sons could already be on the horizon.

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