Michael Crichton And James Patterson Eruption About To Become Blockbuster Epic Franchise 

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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Hollywood is pretty sure they know what book adaptation will be the next one to explode in theaters. The cinematic epicenter of the United States is about to start a bidding war to turn Michael Crichton and James Patteron’s novel Eruption into a movie. Several movie studios are already interested, as well as streamers, networks and high-profile directors.

The Auction


The auction could kick off as soon as May 13. The auction will be conducted by Shane Salerno, a vetted Hollywood writer with films like Avatar: The Way of Water, Armageddon, Savages, Shaft, and the TV series Hawaii Five-0 listed in his writing filmography. A long list of Hollywood elite are counting down the days before they have a chance to bid for the Eruption movie.


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Getting the shot to turn Eruption into a movie could be a big deal for any studio. Both Crichton and Patterson are best-selling authors with multiple books that have been major blockbuster flicks. Crichton, for instance, is the writer who wrote the books that films and television series like Jurassic Park, Twister, and Westworld were adapted from.

Even now, Crichton remains unparalleled as the sole author linked to the highest-grossing movie, TV series, and book simultaneously in the U.S. His legacy continues to reverberate in Hollywood even 15 years posthumously. In addition to the Eruption book and movie, his name is being mentioned left and right thanks to the upcoming debut of Twisters in July, and rumors swirling around the filming of a new Jurassic Park movie in August.


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From Crichton projects alone, $3.2 billion have been made for Warner Bros. Meanwhile, Patterson is one of the most well-known writers in the world. He has published over 425 million book sales, leading to numerous adaptations, including Amazon’s latest Alex Cross series featuring Aldis Hodge, and the now upcoming Eruption movie.

Eruption Is Attracting Talent

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Needless to say, everyone with the power to make a filmwants to make the Eruption movie. And there are more than enough actors willing to star in it. Already, before it’s even attached to a studio, several A-listers have reached out for their shot in the spotlight. 

The Bidding War Is Expected To Be Fierce

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Although concrete figures haven’t surfaced yet, a source disclosed that the auction for the Eruption movie is anticipated to escalate into an epic bidding frenzy, owing to the immense potential of these two remarkably successful authors. There has never been anything like this before where a book written by two authors with a cumulative sales figure of $700 million is up for grabs.

The only thing in cinematic history that comes close to the high profile of the Eruption movie is the 1981 release of Raiders of the Lost Ark when Hollywood big shots and best friends George Lucas and Steven Spielberg collaborated on the adventure film starring Harrison Ford. 

The Book Releases In June

As momentous as this opportunity is, it should be no surprise that the sale of the Eruption movie is being set up as the beginning of a franchise. The plan is for whichever studio that wins the bid will be making multiple books and films. 

Little, Brown and Company, a division of Hachette Book Group, is set to the novel Eruption on June 3. The story of the Eruption book and movie will follow a history-altering volcanic eruption that threatens to engulf the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Source: Variety