Dwayne Johnson Taking Over Marvel As Top Tier Supervillain?

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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There’s a new rumor on the streets that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is about to star in a Marvel movie as a top-tier supervillain. According to the rumor, Johnson is set to play Apocalypse, the first mutant in the X-Men universe and the immortal ruler of a future wasteland.

Is there any truth to this rumor? Honestly, it’s too soon to say. However, the origin of the Dwayne Johnson Marvel report comes from a reasonably reputable source.

Where There’s Smoke

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In this day and age, every social media platform is constantly going off with new rumors of what might be going on in Hollywood, and it’s hard to tell which reports are fan-fed headcanons and which ones have some legitimate backing. However, the report that Dwayne Johnson is about to join the Marvel universe comes from @MyTimeToShineH, a Hollywood scooper who has the track record to support the claim.

Apocalypse For The X-Men’s MCU Debut Is A Bold Choice

With more hits than misses in his insider scoops, there’s a very good chance Dwayne Johnson is open to joining Marvel’s dark side. And The Rock playing Apocalypse is not too hard to believe. The MCU is working on an X-Men reboot, and a variant of the villain could reasonably appear in one of the upcoming Avengers movies, especially since many X-Men characters are expected to make an appearance. 

Forget That Other Apocalypse Appearance

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Introducing En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse’s real name) into the MCU is not a far-fetched idea. He’s a powerful villain and a classic character from the comics. But is Dwayne Johnson the right actor to introduce such an icon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Maybe. In terms of appearance, Dwayne Johnson has the physicality to play one of Marvel’s big brutes. He undeniably fits the bill and could portray a compelling Apocalypse without relying on too much motion capture, like Josh Brolin needed for Thanos. 

Clinging To Relevancy

But more than that, Dwayne Johnson has been on a downward path in his career lately, and he desperately needs a win that Marvel could provide. The speculation surrounding The Rock’s comeback to WWE suggests a strategic move to maintain his relevance amidst recent setbacks, including the underperformance of Black Adam, the cancellation of Young Rock, and the challenges faced by the XFL. At the onset of his early 50s, Johnson appears motivated to steer clear of the trajectory some action stars have taken—transitioning from A-list status to lower-tier direct-to-DVD projects.

Dwayne Johnson Is Keeping Busy

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To avoid this unfavorable fate, The Rock has already made several moves. In addition to his WWE comeback, he has embraced a starring role in A24’s The Smashing Machine and reconciled with Vin Diesel to rejoin the Fast franchise. Dwayne Johnson joining the Marvel Universe might be his next step.

The Rock As An Ancient Egyptian Supervillain?

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While parts of this rumor make sense, it raises a few questions. First, how does Dwayne Johnson’s no-lose clause fit into a storyline with such a major Marvel villain? Second, the MCU has also been in a downward spiral lately. Would The Rock joining a franchise with several box office flops in a row really be a smart move for his career?

At this point, it’s all speculation. In the meantime, stay posted as we publish updates as they come.

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