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Even Charlie Cox Didn’t Watch She-Hulk

Charlie Cox recently admitted that he has not watched any of the She-Hulk series on Disney+.

12 months ago

See David Corenswet Suited Up As Superman

A fan artist delivers an incredible look at David Corenswet as Superman.

12 months ago

marvel villain

10 Marvel Villains Who Should Get Their Own Movies Or Series

Here are ten Marvel villains, including those who have and have not shown up in the MCU, who deserve their own movie or series.

12 months ago

fantastic four gender

Marvel’s Fantastic Four To Fight The Devil?

A new unconfirmed report suggests Mephisto will be the next MCU big bad.

12 months ago


How Does Aquaman Breathe Under Water? 

We explore the many varied answers over the years to the question “How can Aquaman breathe underwater?”

12 months ago

x-men marvel feature
Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

Deadpool Originally Had A Fishbowl Head In First Movie?

Ryan Reynolds’ double in X-Men Origins: Wolverine says one of the scrapped designs for the character had him wearing a fishbowl apparatus on his head.

12 months ago

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber Finally Explains Why He Hasn’t Played Sabertooth Again

Liev Schreiber says he was not contacted to reprise his role as Sabertooth in Logan.

12 months ago

marvel runaways

Disney Removes An Entire Marvel Series From Streaming Services

Marvel’s Runaways has been abruptly removed from Disney+.

12 months ago

The New Spider-Man Live-Action Shows Are Shutting Down

Amazon’s Spider-Man shows, Silk and Spider-Man Noir, have paused production due to the writers strike.

12 months ago

ryan reynolds free guy

Ryan Reynolds Cannot Improv Anything During Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds cannot improvise on the set of Deadpool 3 due to the writers strike.

12 months ago

Elizabeth Olsen Gives Important Advice To Actors Joining Marvel

Elizabeth Olsen warns new MCU actors to consider only signing on for one movie instead of multi-film contracts.

12 months ago


Marvel’s Thunderbolts Shuts Down Production Indefinitely

Production on Marvel’s upcoming Thunderbolts movie is delayed due to the ongoing writers strike.

12 months ago

Aubrey Plaza coven of chaos

Exclusive: Aubrey Plaza Is Death In Agatha: Coven Of Chaos

We’ve learned that in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, Aubrey Plaza will be playing none other than the personification of Death itself.

12 months ago

anthony mackie

Captain America 4 Villain To Be Played By Maze Runner Star

The Serpent Society in Captain America 4 will include Seth Rollins and Rosa Salazaar as Diamondback.

12 months ago

spider-man variant

Across The Spider-Verse Reactions Are Calling The Sequel A Masterpiece

Criticis are over the Moon about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, with some even calling it a masterpiece.

12 months ago

spider-man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 Creator Is In The Hospital And Marvel Is Doing Nothing

Spider-Man 2099 creator Peter David is in the hospital and his family has posted a GoFundMe.

12 months ago

ai joker

Robert Downey Jr. Almost Played Marvel’s Biggest Villain

Robert Downey Jr. was originally sought after to play Doctor Doom in the 2005 Fantastic Four film.

12 months ago

Halle Berry Confirms She’s Returning To X-Men For Marvel?

Halle Berry has social media abuzz with speculation over a possible Storm X-men reprisal with this new photo.

12 months ago

You Can Now Own The Real Batpod From The Dark Knight

The Batpod from The Dark Knight is being sold at auction.

12 months ago

jeff bridges

Jeff Bridges Shares Change In Scary Health Crisis

Jeff Bridges’ cancerous tumor has shrunk in size since his initial 2021 announcement.

12 months ago

Marvel’s Most Disappointing Movie Finally Finds An Audience On Streaming

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is the #1 streaming movie on Disney+

12 months ago

robert downey jr iron man

Robert Downey Jr. Returning For Captain America 4?

A photo from the set of Captain America 4, referencing Stark’s rival company Roxxon, has fans wondering about a Tony Stark return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

12 months ago

aaron stanford

Ryan Reynolds Is Bringing In X-Men Characters For Deadpool 3

X-Men characters Colossus, Yukio, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are rumored to be returning for Deadpool 3.

12 months ago

Charlize Theron Done With Marvel After Only Doctor Strange Cameo?

Charlize Theron says Disney has yet to reach out about reprising her role as Clea in the MCU.

12 months ago

marvel jonathan majors

Jonathan Majors Made Marvel Change All Of Its Plans Because Of His One Loki Scene

Jonathan Majors did such a great job in Loki that Marvel executives upgraded Kang to be the new Thanos.

12 months ago

keanu reeves the matrix

10 Mind-Blowing Movie Theories You Never Thought Of

We compiled a list of our favorite movie theories that made us rethink everything we know.

12 months ago

michelle rodriguez letty

Michelle Rodriguez Trash Talks Marvel, The Internet Responds

A video of Michelle Rodriguez commenting that there are too many Marvel movies is recirculating, and Twitter users are calling the Fast X actress out.

12 months ago

Gabriel Luna Returning As Ghost Rider?

Gabriel Luna portrayed Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD and he would love to join the MCU, although nothing is set in stone.

12 months ago

ray stevenson

Ray Stevenson, Marvel And Star Wars Star, Has Died

Ray Stevensons, star of Thor, Rome, and the upcoming Ahsoka, has died.

12 months ago