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DC’s Metal Men Finally Getting A Full Series

A Metal Men project is moving forward. Here are the people involved this time.

2 years ago

kevin hart dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Team-Up Yet Again In New Trailer

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are teaming up for the fifth time in this new trailer.

2 years ago

batgirl movie

First Look at Leslie Grace’s Batgirl In Gotham City

Check out this first look at Batgirl in Gotham.

2 years ago

grant gustin the flash

Grant Gustin Finally Has A Comic Accurate Look In The Flash Season 8

Grant Gustin’s The Flash looks a lot more like the comics for season eight.

2 years ago


First Look at DC’s Blue Beetle Gets Surprising Fan Reactions

See the new Blue Beetle costume for the live-action movie DC fans are talking about.

2 years ago

kaley cuoco

Kaley Cuoco’s Edgy Harley Quinn Series Finally Has A Season 3 Trailer

Kaley Cuoco is back for seaosn three of Harley Quinn. See the new video.

2 years ago

henry cavill

Henry Cavill Returning As Superman At Last, Teased By Warner Bros. Producer?

Is Henry Cavill returning as Superman after all?

2 years ago

legends of tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow Showrunner Promises Show Will Be Better Without Dominic Purcell

Legends of Tomorrow is moving on without Heatwave.

2 years ago


Superman Is Officially Bisexual In DC

DC is taking a big step with Superman.

2 years ago

antje traue man of steel

Man Of Steel Star Returning In The Flash?

One of the stars of Man of Steel just dropped a huge hint that she may be appearing in The Flash!

2 years ago

dwayne johnson

See First Footage Of Dwayne Johnson As Black Adam

Check out the exciting new footage of Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam.

2 years ago

vin diesel

See Vin Diesel As The Batman’s Mr. Freeze

Check out Vin Diesel as Mr. Freeze.

2 years ago

micheal keaton alan moore batman

Exclusive: Michael Keaton And Ben Affleck Sharing Scenes As Batmen In The Flash

We’ve exclusively learned that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be in the same scenes together in The Flash.

2 years ago

ai joker joaquin phoenix joker 2

Joaquin Phoenix Speaks About His Role In Joker 2

Joaquin Phoenix is sharing his feelings about Joker 2.

2 years ago

black adam 2 dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Suit Revealed Along With Hawkman’s Helmet

Black Adam leaks show a much better look at Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming movie.

2 years ago

george clooney batman

George Clooney Reveals The Brutal Reason He Isn’t In The Flash

George Clooney’s honest reason for not playing Batman again is harsh and hilarious.

2 years ago

Will Smith

Will Smith Wants To Reprise One Of His Most Controversial Roles

Will fans want to see Will Smith back in action?

2 years ago

the flash ezra miller

Exclusive: The Flash Movie Features A Top-Tier Superman Villain

We’ve exclusively learned that The Flash will see a major Superman villain on screen.

2 years ago

jesse eisenberg

Exclusive: Jesse Eisenberg In Talks For Supergirl Project

We’ve exclusively learned that Jesse Eisenberg is in talks for an upcoming Supergirl project.

2 years ago

Melissa Benoist

New Supergirl Series Happening, Replacing Melissa Benoist’s TV Version

A new Supergirl series is about to happen.

2 years ago

Tom Cruise

Exclusive: Tom Cruise Wanted For Green Lantern Movie

We’ve exclusively learned that DC is interested in Tom Cruise for a Green Lantern movie.

2 years ago

henry cavill

Exclusive: Henry Cavill Pushing For An Injustice Superman Movie

We’ve exclusively learned that Henry Cavill is pushing for an Injustice movie to happen.

2 years ago

grant gustin

Exclusive: Grant Gustin Wanted For Big Role In The Flash 2

We’ve exclusively learned that the studio wants Grant Gustin for The Flash 2.

2 years ago

michael b. jordan superman

Michael B. Jordan Superman Project Going R-Rated?

Is Michael B. Jordan’s Superman project going for an R-rating?

2 years ago

john cena peacemaker

See John Cena’s Peacemaker In First Footage From the Series

Check out the very first footage of John Cena in his upcoming Peacemaker series.

2 years ago

dwayne johnson

See Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter React To Black Adam Video

Check out the latest video where Dwayne Johnson’s daughter judges his Black Adam concept video.

2 years ago

margot robbie dc

See Margot Robbie Losing It In The Suicide Squad Gag Reel

Check out Margot Robbie on set of The Suicide Squad in the movie’s official gag reel.

2 years ago

chris rock

Chris Rock Regrets Missing Out On His Superman Movie

Here’s what Chris Rock had to say about his cancelled Superman movie.

2 years ago

robert pattinson the batman

The Batman Director Shared A New Look At Robert Pattinson

See the next look at Robert Pattinson as The Batman.

2 years ago

michelle pfeiffer catwoman solo movie

The Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman Solo Movie Is A Wild Ride

Michelle Pfeiffer had a Catwoman solo movie that you won’t believe.

2 years ago