See John Stewart Face Off Against Green Arrow In Trailer For The New Green Lantern

By Nathan Kamal | 3 days ago

green lantern

Green Lantern and Green Arrow have long been allies in DC Comics continuity, so when the trailer for the upcoming DC Universe Animated movie Green Lantern: Beware My Power starts off with them immediately fighting, it indicates something is up. In this case, it appears that this is the John Stewart version of the character, rather than the Hal Jordan version that usually pals around with billionaire playboy archer/Batman knockoff Oliver Queen. It also appears that John Stewart is new to his powers as Green Lantern and that none of the Justice League members recognize him. So what gives? Watch the trailer and see:

It turns out that Green Lantern: Beware My Power is taking place in a slightly different timeline than we might be used to. In this continuity, the Green Lantern that everyone seems to know is Hal Jordan, and we are informed by Hawkgirl (voiced by Jamie Gray Hyder) that he is dead. There has been an attack on Oa (the Green Lantern headquarters planet located at the exact center of the universe) by Sinestro ( Rick D. Wasserman), and this time he seems to have managed to succeed in his nefarious plans. So once it is established that Green Lantern John Stewart (voiced by Aldis Hodge)  is not a bad guy, it is up to him and Green Arrow (voiced by Jimmi Simpson) to save the day. 

Here we see Green Arrow ready to turn John Stewart into a pincushion after making a quip:

green arrow

And newly minted Green Lantern John Stewart trying to reckon with the fact that he is being threatened by a man dressed as Robin Hood:

green lantern

In the course of the trailer for the upcoming feature, we see Sinestro in action, surrounded by his trademark evil yellow energy:

green lantern sinestro

A vengeful Hawkgirl (and really, is there any other kind?) preparing to put the hurt on the people responsible for thousands of dead Thanagarians:


The corpse of a Guardian of the Universe (not to be confused with a Guardian of the Galaxy) burning into nothingness after bestowing a Green Lantern power ring on John Stewart:

guardian of the universe

And finally, John Stewart and Oliver Queen being pals or at least begrudging comrades in arms:

green lantern green arrow

While Hal Jordan is typically considered the “main” Green Lantern, the John Stewart version of the character is considered a fan favorite. Created by recently deceased legend Neal Adams and ​​Dennis O’Neil in the early 1970s, the character directly addressed racial issues in the pages of comic books in a time when that was unprecedented. The character (originally modeled on  Sidney Poitier) has become an important part of the Green Lantern mythos, even serving as the first human Guardian of the Universe for a time.

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John Stewart became even more well known to audiences as a Green Lantern in the Justice League Unlimited animated series, in which he was portrayed as one of the founding members of the Justice League and voiced by Phil LaMarr. This revamp of the character in Green Lantern: Beware My Power will be joining the well-regarded new series of DC animated films on July 26.