Black Canary Writer Reveals Surprising Movie Inspiration

Misha Green is the writer for the upcoming Black Canary film, and she showed a surprising image on her social media page that inspired her writing.

By James Brizuela | Published

jurnee smollett black canary

Imagine being a fan of comic properties and just going through the process of creating your own fan art for whatever property you happen to be a fan of. Well, that was the case for an artist who made a Black Canary movie poster using an image of Jurnee Smollett. The writer for the upcoming Black Canary film, Misha Green, took notice of this fact and decided to share that same poster on her work binder. Naturally, that got back to the original artist and overt excitement ensued. You can see the post below:

That is some heavy praise for a film writer to use a fan-made poster as inspiration for writing a film. The artist was clearly excited about this fact, and Misha Green confirmed that the fan art was something she was certainly aiming for when writing the upcoming DC spinoff. Black Canary aka Dinah Lance first made her debut in the Birds of Prey film. The character was one of the ragtag group of women that Quinn finds herself associated with. While Misha Green had been tapped as the writer of the new DCEU project, there was still speculation if Jurnee Smollet would reprise her role. After some time passed, Jurnee let the “canary out of the bag” and confirmed her involvement. Jurnee Smollett and Misha Green have previously worked on Underground and Lovecraft Country.

HBO Max seems to be tackling many of the new DC properties, including Batgirl. Batgirl has already finished filming, and it has been rumored that the film will lead directly into Black Canary. This could mean that a female-led superhero team is about to be formed in the DCEU. This would be awesome considering DC needs some new life breathed into it. The Snyderverse has long plagued DC and is now time to move on from that style and adopt something new. While tying these new DCEU movies into the Matt Reeves Batman universe might not happen, it is still exciting to see that DC has in store for its new direction.

Not much else is known about Black Canary, other than Jurnee Smollett reprising her role and Misha Green writing the film. Batgirl is meant to lean into Black Canary, so we may see her appear in the Batgirl feature. It is exciting to see this DC film come together, as J.K. Simmons is set to portray Commissioner Gordon and the comeback of Brendan Frasier as Firefly is also set to happen. Not only that, but Michael Keaton is also set to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne for the film.

Batgirl is currently in post-production but has a 2022 designation. We may see the film debut on HBO Max sometime near the end of the year. Also, though it hasn’t been revealed as of yet, Black Canary might make her second DC appearance in the film as well. One thing is certain if you happen to be one who makes fan art, keep at it. You never know if and when a famed filmmaker will notice your work.