Ezra Miller Being Recast As The Flash?

By James Brizuela | 14 seconds ago

ezra miller fantastic beasts

Ezra Miller is currently in a heap of trouble, as the actor has had several run-ins with the law, and he has exhibited some awful and bizarre behavior. This behavior is strange considering that Miller was meant to be the new “golden boy” of DC continuity. The Flash is meant to begin the multiverse for DC, and this could have meant that he would have appeared as the character in plenty of films apart from this new solo venture. However, there are growing rumors that he is set to be replaced. Who is the top actor to replace him? None other than Dylan O’Brien of Teen Wolf popularity.

This rumor might surprise a lot of people considering Warner Bros. had initially announced that they would not be replacing Ezra Miller. However, it could have meant they will not replace him for the first The Flash movie but are looking ahead to how he can be written out of DC continuity. Not the character, but Miller. It would be kind of tough to replace him once The Flash actually comes out, but then again, the multiverse is set to play an important role in all upcoming DC films. O’Brien could come in as a variant of The Flash, and theoretically just stay.

Warner Bros. might have no other choice but to replace Ezra Miller considering all the trouble he has put himself in. He was arrested for essentially robbing and threatening a couple in their hotel room. He then got angry at a bar in Hawaii and threw a chair, which struck a 26-year-old woman in the face. She sustained a half-inch cut on her head from the chair. Whatever demon seems to have a stranglehold on Miller needs to be done away with, as he is throwing his entire career away right now. It could be that maybe Warner Bros. plans to send the actor into some sort of rehab facility to clean him up, and then he could possibly return to DC in some way.

Casting Dylan O’Brien in place of Ezra Miller is not a bad choice, all things considered. He was fantastic on Teen Wolf and in The Maze Runner franchise. Fans would certainly like the CW version of the character to be cast too, Grant Gustin, but it seems that Warner Bros. might see fit to go with someone who more film experience. Warner Bros. is looking to completely overhaul the DC film continuity as well, so it could be that Miller gets his one film, and then the comic company decides to move on.

The Flash will debut on June 23, 2023. On top of seeing Ezra Miller reprise his role as the speedster, we will be treated to Michael Keaton taking on his most iconic role as Batman. Batfleck aka Ben Affleck will also be reprising his role as The Caped Crusader for the film, and honestly, we can’t wait till both Batmen come face to face. The Miller replacement rumors are sure to either be confirmed or denied for months on end, but Warner Bros. will need to make a more concrete decision sometime soon.