Zack Snyder Returning To Direct DC’s Best Superhero?

By Matthew Creith | Published


American film director Zack Snyder is one of today’s most prolific directors, as well as a fan favorite to those who appreciated his take on some of the more successful movies of the DC Extended Universe. Snyder’s role in bringing Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League to life helped propel further inclusions of Superman into other films. This sparked a renewed interest in DC comics and other DC superheroes, including film adaptations of Aquaman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman. Snyder’s director’s cut release of Justice League to HBO Max in 2021 was met with much praise and continued appreciation of the director’s gifts. Now there’s reason to believe he’s returning to the DCEU.

Thinking about the success of the DC Extended Universe and its superheroes, all eyes seem to be on the decisions that are made for future films and television series. Zack Snyder has been relatively quiet about the prospect of future involvement in other movies related to Henry Cavill’s Superman, with the exception of a comment he recently made on social media. As reported by Geekosity, Snyder took to the social media platform Vero where he suggested that he may be in line to direct Henry Cavill as Superman again. The caption he used below an older picture of the two men read in part, “My Superman past present and future.” It seems that the director posted the picture to celebrate Superman Day, which is an unofficial day made up by DC in 2013 that led up to the release of Man of Steel. You can see Snyder’s post below.

With the picture posted to Zack Snyder’s Vero account, it’s understandable that many fans could be inclined to read into the seemingly cryptic message as evidence that the director will be involved with future sequels that contain Superman in the DC Extended Universe. However, it appears that this is just a rumor for now, with no definitive confirmation that Snyder will be directing any future projects for DC. As CinemaBlend confirmed earlier this year, it seems that Snyder is moving on from his place at DC and focusing more on other films like the upcoming Rebel Moon, which is currently filming with Charlie Hunnam and Djimon Hounsou. Even though Henry Cavill has enjoyed playing the role of Superman, IMDB shows no signs of Cavill’s involvement with other DC Extended Universe films to date.

Zack Snyder possibly not coming back to the DC Extended Universe and the Superman franchise may result in upcoming films getting much needed attention from comic book fans. The sequel to 2019’s Shazam! called Shazam! Fury of the Gods is set to release December 2022, starring Zachary Levi, West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler, and Dame Helen Mirren. The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, will premiere in June 2023, despite the actor’s ongoing legal troubles, as detailed by The Daily Beast. The film’s cast will include Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman, continuing the trend of multiverse storylines for comic book films. Finally, the highly anticipated Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Shahi, and Pierce Brosnan, will debut in theaters in October 2023 to what will most likely be a big payday for DC as a whole.