Uma Thurman Has A Controversial Opinion About Batman

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

uma thurman

Uma Thurman is one of the most celebrated actresses in the world. She has appeared in a myriad of beloved films, especially as Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill and Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Yeah, those are both Quentin Tarantino films, but it still holds true. However, she was also in arguably the worst Batman film ever made, Batman & Robin. There is a lot of controversy being dusted up about the film, which stemmed from Tim Burton criticizing how people considered his work too “dark” but they loved the bat nipples on the suit from the previously mentioned Batman iteration. That likely led to Thurman being asked about her opinions on the film. According to Thurman, “That was a fantastic experience.”

That statement might not seem too controversial by itself, but most of the other people that had worked on the film claimed it was not a fun experience. Apparently, Uma Thurman had a blast working on arguably the worst-rated Batman film ever created. She added, “I had to wear lots of rubber suits. I did not have a rubber mask. I had my own face. But I had some rubber appliances on my face sometimes. That was about as much rubber as I’ve ever worked with, personally.” This comment is likely in reference to the controversy behind the infamous “Bat nipples” that has long been talked about in circles regarding Batman & Robin.

Even the costume designer for Batman & Robin, Jose Fernandez, chimed in. He stated that adding the nipples was his decision and it was meant to symbolize the Roman warrior’s armor and had nothing to do with a fetish, which has been the argument for years now. Despite what fans think, Uma Thurman and director Joel Schumacher loved the costume choices. Thurman had been recalling her love for Schumacher when she provided her love for working on the film. Schumacher passed away in 2020. Despite what people think, his films were legendary. He was a celebrated director throughout most of his career.

Uma Thurman certainly had a different take on Poison Ivy, well, that’s to say that Batman & Robin had a different take on the character. The film has been critically panned and spoken about by audiences as the worth Batman adaptation ever made, but at least Thurman had a blast making the film. Honestly, though some superhero films don’t work out, the usual consensus is that they are fun to make. After all, the actors in those films get to pretend to be a superhero. If we had any kind of shot to put on a cape and pretend to be Batman, we would do it immediately.

The internet is certainly an interesting place. Tim Burton voiced his opinions about the “Bat nipples” and it has led to controversy being brought up about a film that is certainly dated. Batman & Robin was made over 30 years ago, and since then, we have been treated to some of the best stories ever told regarding The Caped Crusader. We are not saying Burton’s comments are warranted, but people should let this one go. Plus, Uma Thurman had fun making the film, so maybe it wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be. To its credit, Batman & Robin is wildly entertaining for what it is. Good or bad, the film is still a source for a good conversation.