Green Lantern Fans Get Depressing Update On New Series

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

green lantern series

DC has been a bit of a mess lately, with plenty of shows being canceled, and delays. Part of that is not the company’s fault considering the pandemic restrictions have messed with plenty of release dates for films and more. The Warner Bros and Discovery merger has also led to shows like Batwoman being canceled. Now, it appears as if there is some bad news on the long-awaited Green Lantern series. One of the stars of the series, Jeremy Irvine, has revealed that there is no production start date yet. According to Irvine, “As far as I know, there’s not a firm start date yet. But when they offered me the role, they did say it was going to be about two or three months to make the outfit. Now they’re gonna have to fit my paunch into it.”

Apparently, Irvine has been waiting so long for news that he has grown a stomach. This is disconcerting news for many reasons. Green Lantern was announced as a series back in 2019, but there has been little to no news about when this show would eventually come out. Now it appears as if the stars of the series have not been told when to expect to start filming. From the previously mentioned issues, we might not see this series come out after all. We hope that is not the case, but a three-year delay is enough to cause anyone to be worried. The HBO-based series had a lot of steam behind it when it had been originally announced. Jeremy Irvine was set to portray Alan Scott, Finn Wittock was tapped for Guy Gardner, and Tobias Menzies was rumored to take on Sinestro. Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, and Kilowog were also supposed to appear in the series.

There has not been a good live-action take on Green Lantern, so naturally, fans have been clamoring for this to happen at some point. All that we have currently is the terrible Ryan Reynolds-led film from 2011. To be fair, this was before most studios knew what to do with superhero films, but that’s no excuse. DC has always just had issues with most of their live-action entries. Still, HBO Max was meant to deliver this new Green Lantern series to the masses but has failed to deliver any news. Hopefully, the show is meant to be placed on the stacked schedule that the streaming platform is already dealing with. We might all be happy if any of the Green Lantern Corps show up in The Flash, Batgirl, or any other upcoming property.

DC needs to figure out a way to deliver this long-awaited Green Lantern series because honestly, the fans deserve it. The animated features that deal with the Green Lantern are fantastic, but we need to all forget about that terrible 2011 film. Sorry, Ryan Reynolds, you’re great, but that movie is awful. Most of the other Justice League members have received their time to shine with their own films or shows, but the fear to replicate the past film might be holding things back a bit. We get it. However, DC can’t possibly make the same mistake twice. At least we hope that’s true. There are rumors of a shakeup within the company as well, so it could be that Green Lantern is being reworked the proper way.