See Misha Collins As One Of The Best DC Characters In The Gotham Knights Trailer

By James Brizuela | 1 week ago

misha collins

The CW may be ending a ton of their new properties, but one is certainly getting an exciting start. Gotham Knights has officially received its first trailer, giving everyone a good look at some of the most classic DC characters. Misha Collins appears in the trailers as Harvey Dent, Gotham’s lawyer who turns into a villain (eventually). Two-Face is that villain in case none of you got that. There is also a shot of the new version of Carrie Kelley, who was the first female Robin introduced in the old school Frank Miller version of The Dark Knight Returns. You can see the trailer below:

The trailer starts off like most CW shows do, as teenagers are having a good time with one another. Harvey Dent (Misha Collins) appears and reveals to Turner Hayes (Bruce Wayne’s adopted son) that his father is dead, and drops the knowledge that his father was also Batman. Gotham erupts as there is no longer a masked vigilante protecting the city and Turner is now being seen as a suspect in the killing along with the children of some of Batman’s allies and enemies. Plenty of the kids are taken into custody and questioned by Harvey Dent, as the premise of the show seems to be finding out who Batman’s murderer is.

Apart from Misha Collins taking on the role of Harvey Dent. Anna Lore is Stephanie Brown, who was the second female Robin that aided Batman in the comics. Olivia Rose Keegan is taking on the role of Duela Dent, the supposed daughter of the Joker. Navia Robinson is Carrie Kelley, the robin from The Dark Knight Returns. Fallon Smythe is Harper Row, otherwise known as Blue Bird, and an ally to Batman. Tyler DiChiara plays Cullen Row, Harper’s younger brother. This is a nice blend of old and newer Batman characters coming into the same series, so it should make things quite interesting.

It’s interesting to see what is going to happen with Gotham Knights. Will Harvey Dent (Misha Collins) turn into Two-Face? Maybe he was the one who killed Batman and is now trying to throw everyone off the trail. Two separate versions of Robin are meant to coexist with one another in the show, with Carrier commenting in the trailer that Batman called her “his little Robin.” That is interesting considering Stephanie Brown also exists in this continuity. Maybe they will all band together and become the characters that they have been known to be in the comics.

Gotham Knights will be debuting on the CW in early 2023, and given the trailer that has just dripped, it could mean that we are going to see this new show in Q1 of 2023. That could mean the show will have a release date that lands anywhere between January and March of next year. This is only the third DC-related show that has been given life on the network. Superman & Lois and The Flash have even been renewed, while Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and Naomi have been canceled. That bodes well for how the CW views Gotham Knights thus far. It is a different take on the classic Gotham and Batman mythos. We can’t wait to see Misha Collins as Harvey Dent and potentially Two-Face.