Warner Bros. Bringing Back The SnyderVerse After Major Shakeup?

By James Brizuela | 7 days ago

zack snyder movie

Warner Bros. recently merged with Discovery, and that has led to many shakeups in terms of the executives that were once working for the studio. This had led many to speculate on where that might leave some of the biggest franchises. One particular franchise in trouble is the DCEU. It is no secret that the DCEU has been a glaring mess for a long time. Most of the newer DC films have been lackluster in nature, but that could have been due to the studio’s executives in charge of the slate of films. But those big executives are leaving the company. CEO, Toby Emmerich, is now stepping down. This could lead to the Snyderverse being restored. At least the fan below thinks so:

The initial Justice League film was an absolute mess. Zack Snyder had to step out as he was mourning the loss of his son. Warner Bros. then decided to bring on Joss Whedon, who made things far worse. What resulted was a film that had little to no heart behind it. Much like most of the films that have been released by DC lately. However, Snyder was asked to come back and reshoot a lot of what he originally shot for the film. What resulted was the Justice League: Snyder Cut, which was leaps and bounds better than the original film and brought hope back to the Snyderverse. Now that the executives who basically barred the man for so long seem to have exited Warner Bros. completely.

The pair taking over the film division of the newly crowned Warner Bros. Discovery are Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy. These producers have been longtime collaborators and have recently spent their time at MGM. Now they are set to take over, and hopefully fix whatever issues have been plaguing DC for so long. The Snyderverse could theoretically be put back into place, just based on the popularity of his cut of Justice League. The characters felt much more fleshed out than in the original film, and as previously stated, the film was much more well-received by fans and critics. He was also responsible for Man of Steel, which is arguably one of the best Superman entries ever made. Though people have knocked him in the past, Snyder knows what he is doing.

Zack Snyder is currently filming his new failed Star Wars pitch, now turned into Rebel Moon. The film will premiere on Netflix and follows his success with Army of the Dead. For as much hate as the man gets, he certainly has had a lot of success on the streaming service side of things. It could be time to bring back the Snyderverse in some capacity to HBO.

DC and Warner Bros. Discovery are likely in a “wait and see” pattern as the next big entries for the studio are Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods. The former comes out in November and the latter in December. With how well Joker and The Batman did, the studio might want to get away from a connected Snyderverse and lean more into solo one-off DC films.