Jason Sudeikis Is Joining A Huge DC Movie As A Classic Hero?

Jason Sudeikis is rumored to be joining the DC Universe in a film that could see the man portraying a classic hero, and we are all hoping it's true.

By James Brizuela | Published

Jason Sudeikis

The new DC film, Blue Beetle, is starting to take shape. On top of the film landing Susan Sarandon in a huge villain role, there are rumors that another big star has been added to the film, Jason Sudeikis. This rumor comes in form of an ask for a body double which has been coined “Ted Body Double.” While we understand that might not be all that convincing, the picture used in the report is of Sudeikis as his fan-favorite character, Ted Lasso. Another thing of note about this rumor is that the original Blue Beetle is named Ted Kord, and he could serve as the mentor for the new and upcoming, Jaime Reyes. Reyes is portrayed by Xolo Mariduena.

The rumor was sparked by the fact that the “Ted Body Double” ask was present, and because there was also a call for the body double to be someone at least six feet tall and between the ages of 22-55. That is a huge age gap, but the ask also contains text that says, “Blonde and Brunette talent for a still photo shoot. Must match the complexion of the reference photo.” The reference photo is of Ted Lasso, and that is Jason Sudeikis, so it stands to reason that he might be revealed to be the Ted Kord of Blue Beetle legend. Also, Sudeikis is six feet tall, so all signs point to the man potentially being in the film, though this is just speculation at this point.

Jason Sudeikis is arguably one of the biggest comedic actors currently, and Ted Lasso has achieved monumental success as far as television shows are concerned. It would be the perfect time to bring the man into a superhero film in some way. Blue Beetle is aiming for a more retro feel, as the film could start off in the 1990s and see a time jump of sorts. The version of the hero that Jaime Reyes takes on can traverse timelines based on his powers. If anyone can act like a person living in the 90s, it’s Sudeikis.

Blue Beetle is still filming and has a release date of August 18, 2023. There is plenty of times for rumors to be confirmed or denied. Jason Sudeikis would be a wonderful actor to cement in DC and one who could pop up in this new phase of DC films. The Snyderverse is all but finished, and the media company is now aiming for a new film rebirth. Blue Beetle, Black Adam, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods are the films that might usher in a new wave of more comedy-based comic films. They have tried the whole dark and brooding aspect, so it could be time to try something completely new.

Blue Beetle stars Xolo Mariduena, Susan Sarandon, George Lopez, Harvey Guillén,
Raoul Max Trujillo, and Damián Alcázar. And the film could potentially bring on Jason Sudeikis. The film will debut in August of 2023, and there is already a lot of excitement behind this one. This one might be just as fun as the first Shazam! was.