X-Men And Agent Carter Fans Discover Episodes Have Been Removed On Disney+

Many episodes from shows like X-Men and Agent Carter have mysteriously gone missing from the library of Disney+, but a fix is on the way.

By James Brizuela | Published


Disney+ has been getting in trouble as of late due to the issues with certain titles being brought over. One of the biggest issues was that the Netflix Marvel shows were brought over, only to be edited. The streaming platform attempted to combat this by incorporating heavier parental control settings so that families wouldn’t have their children stumble on the violent and bloody moments that exist in most of these new shows. However, more than this were instances in which scenes were just edited to a more “family-friendly” type of sequence. This was heavily criticized, leaving the streaming platform scrambling to correct its mistakes. Now it appears as if fans have found that whole episodes are now missing from shows. That includes X-Men and Agent Carter.

Fans will likely be quick to point out something shadier happening behind the scenes, as Disney+ has been known to alter shows already. Their track record isn’t that great right now. However, while the streaming platform has assured fans that this has something to do with a technical issue, losing episodes on so many titles may cause people to give up on wanting to use the platform at all. X-Men, Agent Carter, Duck Tales, Lizzie McGuire, Owl House, and Rocket & Groot. With so many shows being affected, this issue is another to add to the ongoing customer dissatisfaction with Disney+. Per reports, the streaming platform was attempting to fix this widespread issue, but their initial plan to fix it within a few hours has failed. Disney+ is claiming they may not have all missing episodes back up by the end of the day.

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Disney+ is clearly working to attempt to bring back its service to its rightful place, but they could be using this as a cover to further alter their episodes. This is just speculation, but they have clearly done this before. Not that Duck Tales has anything provocative happening, but Agent Carter and X-Men certainly have more adult themes within the confines of their storylines. Whatever the case is, they are likely to be dealing with a ton of calls and emails from customers who are upset they cannot watch their favorite titles and episodes.

X-Men refers to the animated series that rose to prominence in the 1990s. The entire series is available to stream on Disney+. Also, the streaming platform is currently working on a reboot with the show’s original creator, which will see most of the voice cast returning to reprise their roles. The new X-Men reboot will be called X-Men ’97. The new reboot cartoon will follow the same animation style as the original.

Disney+ launched on November 12, 2019. As of January, of this year, the streaming platform has amassed 129.8 million subscribers. There is no telling how many people have left since the platform decided to alter the Marvel shows. These disappearing episodes will not help matters either. There needs to be a Wolverine grasping a picture meme created for these X-Men episodes disappearing. For now, it seems as if all the missing episodes for all the named series will likely be restored early tomorrow.