Christina Applegate Reveals Her Plans For Remaining Days

By Nina Phillips | Updated

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Christina Applegate, known for her roles in shows like Dead to Me, Up All Night, and Married… with Children, has been struggling for several years with a painful disease known as MS (multiple sclerosis). Though her diagnosis has hampered her mentally and physically, she’s working to find a way to push through by setting herself goals and creating a bucket list of what she wants to do with her future, which primarily focuses on seeing celebrities like Shirley MacLaine and Cher.

Christina Applegate Is Open About Living With MS

Christina Applegate first revealed her MS diagnosis in 2021. Since she learned of her diagnosis, Applegate has fallen into a deep depression. Not only due to the diagnosis but the pain and struggle to do things she enjoys because of the disease.

In 2024, her MS relapsed, leading to more intense pain, especially in her legs and eyes. She mentioned that she’d slept for an entire day due to her pain. “I tried looking it up last night and it can be a symptom of MS that could be some kind of possible damage to the optic nerve in my eye,” said Applegate. “I couldn’t sleep because every time I would close my eye, my eye would start doing some crazy shit.”

However, she’s trying to make the most of the time she has left, which might not be much. At the end of March, Christina Applegate mentioned that there were over 30 lesions on her brain, which caused her immense pain, especially behind her eyes.

A Daily Battle

MS is rarely ever considered fatal, especially due to more modern breakthroughs in treatments. However, while it’s rarely ever directly fatal, it is a painful disease that often leaves people with no motivation or energy to go out and enjoy their lives, as seems to be the case with Christina Applegate herself.

Life Goals

Though Christina Applegate finds her life to be painful and difficult, she’s trying to keep going. Her support system and people close to her offer a lot of help, but she still deals with many bad days.

To help her keep going, Christina Applegate has started to make a bucket list of all the things she wants to do with the time she has left. Two of the items on her bucket list include shots with Cher (Moonstruck) and working with Shirley MacLaine (Only Murders in the Building), as she announced on X.

A Series Of Health Issues

Besides these two goals, Christina Applegate has also decided to help spread awareness about MS. She has a podcast where she discusses her day-to-day, and she also posts on social media and talks about her diagnosis during interviews.

This isn’t the only health problem Christina Applegate has faced throughout her life, though she does claim it’s the worst of all of them. She also faced breast cancer in 2008 and had a double mastectomy. In 2017, she also had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed when she discovered she had a gene mutation that increased her risk of cancer.

Still Getting Out There And Living Life

In addition to MS, she also has hypothyroidism and cold sores that influence her life. Some of her daily symptoms include severe pain, short-term memory, vertigo, and fatigue.

Despite her troubles, Christina Applegate finds herself unable to sit still. Wanting to secure a good life for her 13-year-old daughter, Sadie, Christina Applegate has made a career shift to voice acting, as it’s a little easier on her than more traditional acting.