Disney Is Secretly Censoring A Popular Marvel TV Series

Disney+ shocked the world when they announced bringing over the violent Marvel Netflix shows, and now it seems as if one has been edited.

By James Brizuela | Published

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In a shocking turn of events, it was announced by Disney that all of the Netflix Marvel shows would be coming over to Disney+. However, in lieu of these very violent series making their way to the family-friendly platform, the streaming service also enacted some deeper parental controls and gave MA rating warnings for this new content. Well, it hasn’t been that long since the shows have arrived and now it seems as if the conglomerate decided to edit one of the MCU series anyway. Fans on Reddit have discovered that scenes from one series have been altered. Falcon and the Winter Soldier scenes have been edited. While this move is certainly not shocking, it is also a step in the wrong direction.

A Reddit fan by the name of u/MooninMoulin noticed that in episode three of the series, there is a moment in which Bucky aka Winter Soldier is fighting one of the flag smashers. Those are the politically charged super soldiers that were the main antagonists for Bucky and Falcon in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the original episode, Bucky throws a metal pipe at one of them, which goes through the flag smasher and pins the person to the metal container behind. Now the scene has been edited to show the metal bar bouncing directly off the person. Very odd. Another Reddit user by the name of u/Arkham4321 also pointed out that when Zemo finds the scientist responsible for making the super serum, he murders him in cold blood, only now he just appears to be knocked out. There is no blood or his eyes remaining open in a horrifying moment. Seems that Disney is starting to edit out some of the more violent scenes from this show. What are they going to do with The Punisher series? It’s literally all blood and killing.

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Disney or Marvel Studios have yet to comment on these changes, and many are wondering if there will be some sort of toggle switch to go back to the original scenes. With the new parental controls, there should be that option. Disney should have seen this coming and is likely facing a ton more backlash from parents than they had expected considering the violent shows that have now been added. However, these parental controls and MA rating warnings should have been enough for the streaming platform to allow these shows to exist. Altering them in any way is going to cause a bunch of problems. Marvel fans are also quick to find any sort of deviation from the source material and easter eggs of all kinds. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is also more of a mild show, so altering that one seems a bit odd.

Disney and Marvel are going to have to figure out a middle ground if this is to happen again. Falcon and the Winter Soldier may be about patriotism, but it also paints a bleak image of what it was like to have the super serum involved in politics. The violence is needed to tell the full story. Though this is the first instance that has been caught by Marvel fans, there might be more on the way, and that might cause a massive rift between fans and the Disney+ streaming platform.