A Fan-Favorite Snyderverse Character Returning In The Flash?

By Vic Medina | 2 weeks ago

zack snyder's justice league

Holy father-figure butlers, Batman! Fans of the DC Snyderverse will be ecstatic to learn about the latest rumor surrounding The Flash film coming next year. If a new report is to be believed, it appears Warner Bros.’ “everything and the kitchen sink” approach to the movie includes reaching out to Zack Snyder’s DC films to expand the cast list and make you forget that Ezra Miller is supposed to be the lead actor. According to a report by Corey Chichizola at Cinemablend, Jeremy Irons may be returning to the role of Alfred in the film, alongside his multiverse Bruce Wayne/Batman–Ben Affleck. Chichizola’s report is sourced from the @ViewerAnon Twitter account, which claims the Oscar-winning actor will appear in the film.

Jeremy Irons will reportedly join Affleck, Michael Shannon (playing General Zod), and Kiersey Clemons (playing Iris West) as Snyderverse actors appearing in The Flash. Temuera Morrison is reprising his role as Tom Curry from Aquaman, and Ron Livingston will appear as Henry Allen alongside Sasha Calle as Supergirl, making for an impressive ensemble cast list. Irons won the Oscar as Best Actor for Reversal of Fortune in 1991, and brought the right gravitas to the role of Alfred in his appearances, so his inclusion is welcomed by fans.

jeremy irons the flash

ViewerAnon has spilled some insider information on DC films before, and even though some Reddit users doubt him, his reports have been fairly consistent, especially when it came to documenting the trouble on the Justice League set when Joss Whedon took over. In truth, even speculating about a Snyderverse character returning wouldn’t be such a stretch. Considering the wild success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe crossing franchises with its multiverse, and the positive fan response so far to ideas reported for The Flash, DC would be wise to milk the concept as much as possible. With Ezra Miller making headlines for multiple reported arrests, it would make sense to get the Synderverse fanbase even more excited about supporting the film.

Andy Muschietti (It) is directing The Flash, which arrives in theaters on June 23rd, 2023. Though little is known officially about the film, we do know it involves Ezra Miller’s Flash causing a rift in the multiverse, allowing alternate-universe versions of characters to cross over (notably Keaton’s Batman) and apparently bringing back some characters from the dead (like Shannon’s Zod). With Ben Affleck reportedly making his final appearance as Bruce Wayne, it only makes sense to have Jeremy Irons on board as well, even in a cameo, as their chemistry was one of the best things about the Zack Synder DC films.

Despite the excitement over the film and its cast, lead actor Ezra Miller has put a huge cloud over post-production, with a series of reports of disturbing and allegedly violent outbursts that have seen him reportedly get arrested several times. It even led to an incident several weeks ago in which Warner Bros executives reportedly held an emergency meeting to discuss Miller and his future in the DC Extended Universe of films.

The expanding cast may be a move to make The Flash more of an ensemble film rather than a solo adventure centered around Ezra Miller. The multiverse concept makes it possible for Warner Bros. to continue to add cast members and tinker with the script, even though principal photography was competed in October of last year. We already know, through footage shown this week at CinemaCon that Keaton appears to carry a lot of the emotional motivation in the film, even going so far as to utter a famous line from the original 1989 film in the new movie.