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man of steel 2 brainiac

Man Of Steel 2 Is Actually Happening, Official Announcement Coming

There are strong indications that Man of Steel 2 is finally happening, and Henry Cavill will be part of an annoucement made at Comic-Con.

2 years ago

joaquin phoenix joker

Joaquin Phoenix’s Multi-Million Salary For Joker 2 Revealed

Joaquin Phoenix is certainly a great actor, as he won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in Joker. Now reports are indicating what his salary will be for Joker 2.

2 years ago

keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves Is The Next Batman?

Keanu Reeves will get to voice the iconic character of Batman for DC League of Super-Pets, but now the man wants to be the next in line to portray the character in live-action.

2 years ago

green lantern

See Green Lantern Get Wrecked By Another DC Hero In New Clip

The DCAU is one of the best things about the comic company, and a new clip has emerged showing Green Lantern being beaten by another DC hero.

2 years ago

austin butler

See Austin Butler As DC’s Green Arrow

Austin Butler is having himself quite a successful year, after being in Elvis and cast in Dune 2. Now a fan has shown what the actor would look like as Green Arrow.

2 years ago

elliot page

Elliot Page Being Considered To Replace Ezra Miller As The Flash

Elliot Page was rumored to be in line to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash, and now that rumor has received more validity from insiders at Warner Bros. Discovery.

2 years ago

mark hamill

Mark Hamill Only Voiced The Joker After Another Actor Got Sick

The original voice of the Joker was a legendary actor, but when this actor got sick, Mark Hamill was called in. Hamill auditioned and eventually became the permanent Joker.

2 years ago

blue beetle

The Best DC Show Just Added A New Season On Netflix

Arguably the best DC show that has ever been created currently has a new home on Netflix, and said show just released its new season on the streaming platform.

2 years ago

the cw all american
christian bale st

Fans Can Watch The Dark Knight In Bruce Wayne’s House

The Dark Knight is one of the most important comic book films, and now fans can watch the film inside Bruce Wayne’s house.

2 years ago

ezra miller asking for it

Ezra Miller “Not The Person They Were” According To Flash Writer

A writer from The Flash recently spoke up about the troubles that Ezra Miller has found themself in. Apparently, that is not the person that the writer remembers.

2 years ago

ezra miller fantastic beasts

New Order Issued Against Harry Potter’s Ezra Miller, This Time For A 12-Year-Old

Ezra Miller has been in tons of trouble lately, and now another protective court order has been placed on the actor from a 12 year old and their family.

2 years ago

jensen ackles supernatural

Jensen Ackles Is The Next Batman?

Jensen Ackles is continuing his nerd domination, as the man has subtly revealed that he is going to be returning to voice Batman.

2 years ago

Amber Heard, zack snyder

Amber Heard Officially Recast In Aquaman 2?

Based on preliminary reports, it has been stated that Amber Heard is being officially recast as Mera in Aquaman 2, though there is no actress being targeted just yet.

2 years ago

blue beetle

Zack Snyder Returning To Direct DC’s Best Superhero?

American film director Zack Snyder is one of today’s most prolific directors, as well as a fan favorite to those …

2 years ago

batman caped crusader
uma thurman

Uma Thurman Has A Controversial Opinion About Batman

Tim Burton recently let his opinions be known about Batman & Robin, and now Uma Thurman has revealed her own controversial comments on the film.

2 years ago

Zack Snyder Rebel Moon

Warner Bros. Bringing Back The SnyderVerse After Major Shakeup?

Zack Snyder may have moved on to his next big blockbuster, but DC might be thinking about reigniting the Snyderverse after a huge Warner Bros. shakeup.

2 years ago

misha collins

See Misha Collins As One Of The Best DC Characters In The Gotham Knights Trailer

Misha Collins has now left the CW, as the first trailer for Gotham Knights shows the man as one of the most popular DC characters.

2 years ago

henry cavill

Henry Cavill’s Most Likely Superman Replacement Chosen?

Henry Cavill will likely not be returning to the role of Superman, and DC has all but decided who his replacement is, and it is antoher high-caliber actor.

2 years ago

Sasha Calle

DC Releases First Look At Sasha Calle’s Supergirl Outfit In The Flash

The Flash is set to premiere in June of next year, but fans have been gifted the first look at what the costume for Supergirl will look like.

2 years ago

green lantern series

Green Lantern Fans Get Depressing Update On New Series

Green Lantern has had a tough go of things in the live action department, and now a star from the new series has given a sad update about the show.

2 years ago

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis Is Joining A Huge DC Movie As A Classic Hero?

Jason Sudeikis is rumored to be joining the DC Universe in a film that could see the man portraying a classic hero, and we are all hoping it’s true.

2 years ago

blake lively

Blake Lively Replacing Amber Heard In Aquaman 2?

The petition to get Amber Heard thrown out of Aquaman 2 has reached staggering numbers, and a new petition asks Blake Lively to be cast in Aquaman instead.

2 years ago


Anticipated DC Movie Canceled Following New Mandate

The DC Extended Universe live-action movie has been canceled by the studio after major changes, including a new mandate.

2 years ago

pierce brosnan

See Pierce Brosnan’s Dramatic New Look As Doctor Fate For Black Adam

Pierce Brosnan has shown off his facial hair look as Dr. Fate, in a new behind-the-scenes photo for his upcoming portrayal in the Black Adam film.

2 years ago

blue beetle

The Most Hated DC Movie Is Getting A New Cut

As soon as fans got what they wanted with HBO Max’s blockbuster release last year, a new hashtag was born that DC couldn’t ignore

2 years ago

superman multiversus

See Superman Save The Day In New Super Smash Bros Clone

Superman saves the day along with a host of the best Warner Bros characters in a new fighting game that will do it best to hang with Super Smash Bros.

2 years ago

the sandman

Neil Gaiman Criticized The Sandman’s Lead For Acting Like The Wrong DC Hero

Neil Gaiman was recently interviewed alongside the lead of The Sandman, and he chastised the man for trying to sound too much like another DC hero.

2 years ago

ezra miller fantastic beasts

Ezra Miller Being Recast As The Flash?

Strong rumors are starting to gain steam, as it has been reported that Warner Bros. might be replacing Ezra Miller as The Flash.

2 years ago