Ezra Miller’s The Flash Gets A Redesign

By Phillip Moyer | Published

ezra miller the flash

After the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, there have been a lot of changes to the DC Universe. The Batgirl movie was canceled for a tax write-off, the DC Films boss angrily left the company, and Black Adam was critically panned. Now, to top it all off, Ezra Miller’s upcoming movie The Flash has… changed its logo

ezra miller the flash

Evidence of this monumental change can be found on the film’s social media accounts. Previously, accounts promoting Ezra Miller’s The Flash had dark words in front of a red background. The new logo shows red words in front of a dark background — a bold departure from the previous iconography. The signature lightning bold symbol still appears in the new logo. It’s darker, though.

The logo also includes its tentative release date: June 23. This is the same release date announced back in March of 2022. 

ezra miller the flash

The logo design was, of course, the least of the film’s troubles. Star Ezra Miller has had multiple run-ins with the law during the production of The Flash. The worst known incident, which was caught on video involved Miller attacking a woman in Iceland. In the video, they appear to grab the woman’s neck, throw her to the ground, and choke her. They were also arrested for reportedly breaking into a Vermont home and stealing alcohol. On top of that, people called the police on Miller 10 separate times during a trip to Hilo, Hawaii.

While the mounting allegations against Ezra Miller led to rumors that The Flash might get canceled or that Miller might get replaced, neither rumor turned out to be true. In fact, a sequel movie might already be in the works, and Ezra Miller appears poised to star as Barry Allen once again — assuming they stay out of Jail. 

The film itself has Ezra Miller playing The Flash as he travels through time in an attempt to prevent their mother’s death. As with most things related to time travel, changing the past ends up having unintended consequences.

Fans of comic books are probably already familiar with this storyline. More than a decade before Ezra Miller’s The Flash started filming, DC Comics explored this very storyline in a crossover event called Flashpoint. The fallout was seen in titles that followed almost all of DC’s major superheroes, including Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. As a result of Flashpoint, all ongoing DC comics were canceled. The company’s entire line of comic books was then rebooted as an alternate universe in an event called The New 52.

Of course, whenever comic books start dealing with time travel and multiple universes, things eventually get messy. The New 52 was no exception. In 2015, an event called Convergence merged the new and old timelines, returning all the old characters from the canceled comics. Now, the comics are set to reboot yet again in January 2023. It remains to be seen if Ezra Miller’s The Flash will attempt to reboot the entire DC Universe canon, or if it’ll remain a self-contained story.