The Best Batman Actor Of All Time Has Died

Kevin Conroy, the greatest actor to ever portray Batman, has sadly died.

By James Brizuela | Updated

It is truly a sad day for DC and all of the Batman-loving world, as famed Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy has sadly passed away. While Conroy was never the live-action Bruce Wayne in movies, he voiced the character in many animated features and games, making him the quintessential Batman to the comic-loving world. Conroy was 66 years old and was still handling vocal duties for The Caped Crusader, with his most recent being the voice of Batman in the video game, Multiversus.

kevin conroy

Kevin Conroy passing away is going to send a shockwave through the comic community, as he was always heralded as the best Batman. Granted, he was always the voice of the character, but everyone considered the man to be the best, especially for Batman: The Animated Series. While the 1960s Batman, Batman (1990), and Batman Returns (1992) helped to bring the character to the forefront of pop culture, the animated series is what truly brought the DC character to new heights by showcasing the best look at the comic-accurate hero. And at the lead of that series, was Conroy, with his iconic vocal prowess completely elevating the character.

Kevin Conroy was also the choice for many Batman video games, most notably lending his voice to Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight. Fans were begging for Conroy to be incorporated into the mentioned video games, and when that wish was granted, they became highly successful. Quite honestly, there is no one more suited to be the voice of Batman than Conroy.

While there have certainly been many iterations of Batman in the animated shows, movies, and video games, there has been no one more requested or appreciated to voice Batman than Conroy. However, Jensen Ackles has recently been handling vocal duties for Bruce Wayne, most recently lending his voice to Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1 and 2. Ackles also stated that he has signed on to further his appearances as Batman, and doing a great job. While Ackles will never be Conroy, we can appreciate that torch is being passed to someone quite capable.

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Kevin Conroy began his career as Batman with the animated series in 1992 but became a household name in the world of DC after his performance as the character was so renowned. He instantly became a fixture for DC to appear in the above-mentioned video games and animated features, and often appeared at conventions to sign autographs and speak about portraying Batman for decades. Conroy was always completely appreciative of his groundbreaking role and would meet with people at conventions, offering up warm greetings, handshakes, hugs, and autographs.

Kevin Conroy will always be Batman, and he will go down as a true legend of the comic world. Rest in peace, Mr. Conroy. Thank you for inspiring all of our childhoods by portraying a character that gave us hope and doing so with the utmost passion. Everyone should honor the man by binge-watching Batman: The Animated Series or playing one of the many video games that showcased his iconic voice.