See Dwayne Johnson Campaign For Henry Cavill’s Superman

Dwayne Johnson posted on Twitter, campaigning for Henry Cavill's Superman deal to get done.

By Matthew Creith | Published

Black Adam became the surprise hit of the DC Extended Universe this year, with Dwayne Johnson leading the film to great success. In a post to Twitter this Thanksgiving weekend, Johnson boasted about the film’s downloads upon its digital release and thanked his fans for making the superhero flick number one on iTunes. MovieWeb reports that Dwayne Johnson also gave an update on Henry Cavill’s Superman character, as DC was uninterested in bringing Cavill back to the well-known role, but Johnson insists “there’s no viable logical way to build out the DC Universe without the most powerful force and the greatest superhero of all time sitting on the sidelines.”

Speaking frankly from what the former wrestler calls his “ol’ pick-up truck,” Dwayne Johnson explains to his 16.8 million Twitter followers that it was necessary for DC Studios to bring Henry Cavill back as Superman, starting with a cameo in Black Adam. Johnson apparently fought hard for Cavill’s return, while Warner Bros. Discovery appeared to not want to go back to Zack Snyder’s version of Superman from Man of Steel and other projects already released to the DC Extended Universe. Cavill chose to come back at Dwayne Johnson’s insistence, which Johnson seems to believe is a stepping-stone in revitalizing the slate of upcoming DC Studios films.

Director James Gunn very recently took over as co-CEO of DC Studios after the success of his reboot The Suicide Squad for the production company last year. Gunn has made a name for himself as a comic book aficionado by directing many movies for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It seems that Dwayne Johnson might be open to working with Gunn about how to incorporate Henry Cavill back into the DC mix, specifically in soon-to-be-released movies like The Flash and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

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While there has yet to be confirmation from James Gunn as to what the trajectory of Black Adam and Superman’s characters will be in the future, audiences should expect to see Dwayne Johnson battling it out on screen with Henry Cavill at some point. For an actor like Cavill to return to his signature role, there had to be something he would most likely agree to in terms of monetary compensation or future film roles from DC Studios in order for him to appear in a cameo role in Black Adam. Viewers were more than delighted to see Cavill’s face pop up in the superhero movie this year, just as Dwayne Johnson teased the cameo appearance at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer.

Dwayne Johnson starred in Black Adam alongside an ensemble group of actors that consisted of Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, Marwan Kenzari, Quintessa Swindell, and Pierce Brosnan, while Henry Cavill appeared on screen during the post-credits scene as Superman. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and produced by Johnson, Black Adam is still currently in theaters while the digital version has been released for home viewing consumption. To date, Black Adam has grossed over $369 million at the worldwide box office against a budget of around $200 million, sparking interest in a sequel that is in development that will most likely please critics and audiences alike.