James Gunn Reveals The Hilarious Way He Plans On Resolving DC Disputes

James Gunn reveals he plays Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots to settle disputes with DC Films co-CEO Peter Safran.

By James Brizuela | Published

James Gunn has officially taken over DC Films along with Peter Safran, which is a move that has certainly pleased many fans. Now, the beloved director has revealed how he settles disputes with his co-CEO, by playing a rousing game of Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Robots. For those of you who weren’t born in the mid-1980s or early 1990s, the game features two plastic robots that essentially fight via buttons pushed on two handles.

James Gunn is said to be handling the creative side of DC Films, and Safran will be handling the business side in this new joint effort to restart the DC Cinematic Universe. We would imagine the disputes that the pair share come down to casting and the amount of money needed to go out and get the right stars for the upcoming movies that are meant to bring a new chapter into a film studio that has been trying to play catch up with Marvel.

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James Gunn was one of the instrumental creators that helped bring the MCU onto a stage that is beloved by all fans, as he is the man that brought to life the Guardians of the Galaxy, which is arguably a more popular team than the Avengers (yeah, we said it). He would eventually jump ship and release his own brand of the Suicide Squad, which was far more well-received than the David Ayer movie. This likely led to Gunn being coaxed to take over a role that essentially makes him the Kevin Feige of DC.

Guardians of the Galaxy are set to have a holiday special that is going to have implications for the next phase of Marvel movies, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is still releasing next year, which will be James Gunn’s final hurrah for Marvel Studios. Now, he can focus on restarting or putting together a more cohesive story for DC. Granted, he might be using a robot fighting game to settle disputes, but we have full faith that Gunn’s leadership is going to change DC’s trajectory in a more positive way.

Black Adam, The Flash, Aquaman 2, and Shazam 2 are set to bring the DC Cinematic Universe together, but we are not sure if James Gunn is going to keep with that plan. He might be wanting to shake things up in this new “10-year” plan that the CEO of Warner Bros., David Zaslav, has spoken about already. The idea is to restart or reboot DC so that it mimics Marvel, which is certainly going to be a huge task.

James Gunn has already created The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, both of which were massively popular amongst fans, and there are rumors that both are receiving further versions. Now that he has full creative control of the DC Films division, we would imagine that he is going to be bringing in much more ambitious versions of some of the best DC characters, or that is the hope at least. We certainly don’t care what means of dispute-settling Gunn uses, we are just happy that he is in charge of the creative division.