Peacemaker Season 2: All We Know

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

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With Peacemaker, James Gunn and John Cena have given us one of the better stories to come along in the superhero genre in some time. It’s been a remarkable run for the character who was first introduced in The Suicide Squad and stole every scene he was in for that movie.  It carried over into the first season of Peacemaker, easily one of the television wins of the year. A story about a bulking mass of a man-child whose warped sense of justice and liberty was the perfect juxtaposition to the way he actually operated in the world. With the series now wrapped up on HBO Max, we can start turning our attention to Peacemaker Season 2.  


peacemaker season 2

This much we already know. John Cena took to Twitter earlier in the week to give the official word that Peacemaker Season 2 was in the works and he was more than a little excited about the prospect. Another round of stories for Cena and company offers up all kinds of possibilities for the character and his team. Check out what Cena had to say about the return of the series. 

It’s interesting to see John Cena talk, albeit briefly, about what it meant to get into character as Peacemaker for this season. And it’s clear that he and James Gunn have an important working and creative relationship around this character, something that really shines through on the screen. 


While the casting for Peacemaker Season 2 is anything but official, it would appear that we would be getting at least the remaining core team of folks back for the second round of stories. In addition to John Cena, that would include Danielle Brooks as Leota Adebayo whose friendship proved critical for Cena’s Christopher Smith in this first season. Sure, it wasn’t always on even footing, but Adebayo was just the right kind of character for this series. And we also know she has deeper ties to the DC Extended Universe.

Additionally, Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee would likely be back as Emilia Harcourt and John Economos respectively. Both carried over their roles from The Suicide Squad and make up the core of the original team tasked with handling Peacemaker. 

Finally, Freddie Stroma’s Adrian Chase/ Vigilante would be critical to any further story in Peacemaker Season 2. The only dude denser than Peacemaker with even less a moral grip on right and wrong around being a “hero” was one of the true highlights of the first season. Considering that he fashions himself something like Peacemaker’s best friend, it would be imperative to have him back in the mix.

And one would have to assume that Eagly is back as well. Because what is Peacemaker without his freedom-inspiring pet who also happens to hand out the best hugs?


james gunn

Along with John Cena’s announcement about Peacemaker season 2, James Gunn had also shared the good news. There really would be no Peacemaker if it weren’t for James Gunn. When Marvel originally fired the director from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, that studio’s loss was DC’s gain. He swooped right in and righted the ship on this movie with The Suicide Squad easily bringing in the funniest and bloodiest story that universe had seen to date.

With a tongue-in-cheek approach the superhero genre, bringing together a ragtag group that included Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, and of course John Cena’s Peacemaker among others, the flick flipped the franchise on its head with spitfire dialogue, stunning imagery, and just a general sense of how to have fun with comic book movies. 

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Much of this carried over into Peacemaker, a show that did anything but take itself seriously. This is all thanks to Gunn and his particular vision around the series. Heck, you can see as much just from the opening musical sequence that’s about as creative and different as anything we will ever see in the genre. This wasn’t a show that wanted to take itself at all seriously, and it didn’t. Gunn would need to be back helming things for a second go-around and he’d talked to Deadline already about the prospect of returning for a Peacemaker Season 2. It’s come to fruition.


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James Gunn has also suggested that Peacemaker isn’t the only character he’s working into a series for HBO Max. While he didn’t get specific around where things were going on this front, he did say there was another “TV show that’s connected to the universe…” There are a couple of ways to take this and considering the sheer number of original folks brought into the mix, at least at the beginning, in The Suicide Squad, the possibilities are nearly endless on that front. 

In all, this is fantastic news about Peacemaker Season 2 and really not all that big of a surprise considering the overwhelming success of the first season.