James Gunn Bringing Lobo To The DC Universe?

James Gunn posted an image of Lobo on his Mastodon page, leaving many to think he is bringing the bounty hunter to the DC Cinematic Universe.

By James Brizuela | Published

While Elon Musk makes a mess of Twitter, plenty of creators and celebrities are jumping over to new social media platforms, such as Mastodon. The new social media platform is one that director and DC Films co-CEO James Gunn has chosen to join, and his first post is making people believe that is set to bring Lobo into the DC Cinematic Universe. Gunn posted a simple image of DC’s big baddie bounty hunter, with a caption that just read, “happy to be here.”

Granted, James Gunn might have been just simply sharing an image of Lobo, ushering in his acceptance of the character now that he is in charge of the DC Films creative division. However, adding the character as an image to his first post on social media, especially right after being promoted, is leading many to believe that he was not so subtly telling the world to get ready for Lobo in the DC Cinematic Universe. We certainly hope that the latter is true, as the DC needs a good anti-hero, and on offense to Dwayne Johnson, but Black Adam is not the best anti-hero in DC continuity.

lobo dc

Lobo exists as a super powerful alien bounty hunter who was born on the planet Czarnia, and a being that travels from galaxy to galaxy roping in those who would evade his capture. Sometimes his means are a bit more nefarious than the usual case for most mercenaries and bounty hunters, but his methods are quite effective. There had been rumors that Jason Momoa was attached to the role of Lobo, but that could be a bit odd considering he is one of the golden boys of DC, as he is already tasked with playing Aquaman.

We would love to see Jason Momoa as Lobo, as he has the right frame, shape, and voice for the character. Most superhero actors don’t usually play other parts, except if they jump ship from DC to Marvel, but we would welcome Momoa in with open arms if he was in the conversation to play the most brutal bounty hunter. Now that James Gunn oversees the films division creative department, he could do some wild things, and one of those is bringing Lobo in for a solo movie.

Again, not trying to take anything away from Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam, but there need to be more off-the-wall DC characters showcased that can play the part of the anti-hero, but more so leaning towards being villains. Lobo has often fought Superman in the comics and animated movies, and it would be fantastic if he was tasked with retrieving the Last Son of Krypton back from Earth. Superman is going to have a new origin story, and that could mean he is being hunted by otherworldly agencies, not just General Zod.

There is a wealth of possibilities for James Gunn to explore, and we hope that he was giving the hint that he is fully prepared to bring in some of the lesser-shown but equally impressive DC characters. Starting off with Lobo would be fantastic, and he could be built into the DC Cinematic Universe as a big baddie, or someone that makes trouble for everyone on the “good” side of things.