Superman’s Greatest Villain Was Just Brutally Murdered

The most famous Superman villain, Lex Luthor, was just killed off in the Titans Season 4 premiere.

By James Brizuela | Published

Titans Season 4 is underway, and the season premiere brought forth quite a shocking moment. For those who have not yet seen the premiere, look away immediately, as the rest of this article will contain spoilers for the premiere episode. A new and darker version of the popular Superman villain, Lex Luthor, was just introduced in the series and has now subsequently been killed off by Mother Mayhem in a brutal fashion.

The death of Superman villain Lex Luthor was quite horrific, as he essentially vomited out a snake that had been living in his body or was conjured there by Mother Mayhem. He fell to the ground with plenty of blood being vomited, as the snake slithered out and was subsequently lasered in half by Superboy. We are not sure what this could mean for the future of Luthor in the rest of the series, but for now, it appears that the biggest DC villain has been done away with.

titans lex luthor

The showrunner for Titans, Greg Walker, revealed that the Superman villain Lex Luthor might not be fully dead though, as is the usual case for most big deaths in comics and the corresponding adaptations. According to Walker, “As you know, a fan of the show, [we] play fast and loose with death on Titans. So, nobody’s truly dead.” We do understand that Luthor dying in such a brutal fashion would dictate him not coming back, but his death could have just been extremely painful and not fatal.

Still, it is quite odd that such a huge Superman villain as Lex Luthor was brought back so quickly, only to be mercilessly killed by a lesser villain. Mother Mayhem is quite popular in her own right, but Luthor remains one of the biggest villains in all of DC. We would imagine that he is going to be brought back though, as this was a much different iteration that deserves far more screen time.

We can’t knock Titans for wanting to do something quite drastic to start off the new season. There is nothing more drastic than killing off one of the biggest Superman villains in Lex Luthor. Again, since this happened in the season premiere, we would think that Luthor could be brought back sooner than later.

Titans Season 4 will go well into December and will feature two parts both having six episodes each. There is plenty of time for the most popular Superman villain Lex Luthor to find his way back into the series in some way. It might be a bit hacky, but we would imagine that the Luthor that died could have been a copy of the man, and not the real villain himself.

For now, fans can rest easy knowing that the most powerful Superman villain Lex Luthor, is not going to be around to trick Superboy into doing anything that he would regret. However, we are not sure what Mother Mayhem now has planned considering she just killed one of the most important people in the entire DC Universe. The next episode of Titans Season 4 is set to drop today on HBO Max, so more is likely to be revealed in terms of the impact of Luthor being killed off so quickly.