DC Planning On Bringing Another Batman To The Screen?

Batman was mentioned in the newest episode of Stargirl, leaving many to wonder about a series-ending cameo.

By James Brizuela | Published

The CW is currently on its way out, as Stargirl has been canceled, along with many other DC properties on the network. However, that hasn’t stopped the series from dropping a bomb that could change the show completely when it comes to a close at the end of this season. Stargirl Season 3 has officially revealed that another version of Batman exists on Earth-2, where the Arrowverse calls its home, as Thunderbolt casually mentions that  Cindy “Shiv” Burman is “just like Batman.”

While it is not out of the realm of possibility that Batman exists in a DC world, especially in the Arrowverse, it is a bit odd that the series casually mentions the hero existing. Fans of Stargirl might be confused at the mentioning’s merit, though the Thunderbolt genie is the one who brings up the Caped Crusader, and since that being can travel through realities, we are quite sure that his word might be trustworthy in this regard. The bigger question now is if the series will bring in that new Batman before the series ends.


We would imagine that bringing in Batman at the end of Stargirl Season 3 would not make a ton of sense considering the series is ending, it might have already been discussed, shot, and decided on to move forward with. An interesting theory about this new Batman is he might be more on the vigilante side than wanting to help the Justice Society of America. If Stargirl and her cohorts were to seek out the hero, he might not want to play nicely with any of them.

The Justice Society of America was made for those heroes who coincidentally did not have their own comic book series, leaving out heroes like Superman and Batman. However, based on the rule that mainline heroes couldn’t be part of the JSA, it still meant that Batman could work alongside them as a sort of “hired gun.” There have been many timelines introduced in DC continuity that have included Superman and Batman in their origins, but the idea in Stargirl is that The Dark Knight is known, though he might not be a full ally.

Quite frankly, at this point, it doesn’t matter if Batman exits in the world of Stargirl. The series is ending, and we are not going to find out if Batman’s existence in this Arrowverse world is going to matter in the long run. It would be quite amazing if he is brought in during the series finale, only for the cameo to end in a huge cliffhanger that will not be answered. However, we would imagine the creators got word of the cancelation far before anyone else has, and have written the series to end in that manner.

Stargirl Season 3 released the Batman revelation in episode 10, with only three more episodes left before the series comes to its unceremonious end. While we are sure that Bruce Wayne is not likely to appear at some point in the final three episodes, it is still a great easter egg placed in by both the CW and DC. With Kevin Conroy‘s passing still heavy on everyone’s hearts, we could certainly do more with people getting excited about Batman.