James Gunn Is Petitioning Fans For The Next Big DC Movie

James Gunn is asking fans on Mastodon what DC character should get their first movie.

By James Brizuela | Published

While the mess over at Twitter is going on, creators have since been hopping over to a new social media app called Mastodon, where James Gunn has now been quite active. He has been so active, in fact, that he has asked DC fans which underused characters should get their next shot at being in a new movie or series. Naturally, that question was flooded with answers ranging from Batgirl (too soon) to Nightwing and Poison Ivy.

James Gunn also responded to his own question by proposing that DC tackle a Bat-Mite feature, which is about as oddball as one can get when referencing the deep catalog of DC superheroes. For those who do not know who Bat-Mite is, he is an imp similar to Mister Mxyzptlk, but he idolizes Batman. While we certainly don’t think that would make for a very exciting core DC Cinematic Universe movie, we could see him appearing at some point just to confuse everyone.

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James Gunn and co-CEO of DC Film, Peter Safran, were said to have met with Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav. During their meeting, they were allegedly putting together or discussing the plan to create this overarching roadmap for the foreseeable future. Reports also indicated they spoke about a “bible” that they will enact that covers movies, shows, and video games in one grand story. David Zaslav wanted DC to model itself after what Marvel has done when Kevin Feige took over, and it appears as though Gunn and Safran are the pair to do just that.

The meeting was also said to be the “town hall” type of meeting, meaning they could all speak about their ideas and it would be voted upon. Though Peter Safran is handling the business side of DC Film, and James Gunn the creative side, we would imagine that some great ideas were thrown out there. That “town hall” structure is also something that Gunn is now attempting on his social media platforms.

While fans are likely going to give some obvious answers, we would imagine that James Gunn is looking for some off-the-wall suggestions, much like Lobo, who Gunn has already teased himself. Personally, we would love to see someone like Bizarro or Anarky get their shot at a big-screen feature. There are a ton of characters to choose from, and ones that don’t necessarily tie back into the Justice League, which seems like DC is trying to at least pull away from.

James Gunn has done a fantastic job at bringing The Suicide Squad to life, and the corresponding Peacemaker series that was born from that movie, so we are fully on board with whatever the fan-favorite director wants to do. Also, asking fans what they think or want to see is something that matters a great deal, especially to those who constantly buy comics, merch, and see movies. We all like to think our voices are being heard, and if someone like Mr. Gunn is asking, then we had all better participate.