God Of War Is Becoming A Live-Action Series

By James Brizuela | Published

god of war series

God of War has already been a monumental video game franchise, that has produced 11 titles, which includes the mainline series and all the spinoffs. Now, it has been announced that Amazon Studios is moving forward with adapting God of War into a brand-new series, as the show has been ordered by the streamer. However, the new Amazon series is going to be strictly following Kratos in his new adventure through Norse lands and mythology.

The God of War game series reinvented itself in 2018 when God of War was released for the PlayStation 4. This new era of the Kratos story brought a wealth of new fans in, as Kratos was joined by his son Atreus in an adventure that turned into the Game of the Year. This new take on the former Greek god took things directly into the world of Norse mythology, where the story is still taking place in God of War: Ragnarok.

This God of War game in the long-standing series follows Kratos, as he has left his life of slaying gods behind, and is now trying to raise a family. However, his wife Faye has recently died, and her last wish was to be buried at the highest point in the nine realms. Kratos and Atreus immediately set off, but encounter gods and monsters from Norse mythology, as their tense relationship is further tested in their journey.

god of war ragnarok

The new God of War Amazon series is meant to follow this exact story, as Kratos and Atreus will be locked into a journey that will see them fight their way through the nine realms to accomplish setting their wife and mother to her final resting place. Amazon has steadily been ramping up its content and ordering this show should make the streamer even more popular. This new series will now join Fallout, which is another huge video game series that is being adapted by Amazon.

The world has been seeing a huge uptick in video game adaptations, as movies and shows are now being developed that surround some of the best video games ever made. As previously mentioned, Amazon is handling the Fallout and God of War series, HBO has The Last of Us coming out, and Peacock is currently working on a Twisted Metal adaptation. Video game stories have long been talked about in the same light as being as provoking as cinema, and it appears that studios are now agreeing with that sentiment.

We are not sure who is going to be cast as Kratos in this God of War series, but it needs to be someone who can carry the drama of the video game right into the live-action format of the new show. Christopher Judge has voiced Kratos in both God of War and the God of War: Ragnarok sequel, which has landed him a gaming award for Best Performance award for the latter. He has also expressed deep interest in portraying Kratos in the live-action series, which wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

The God of War series has only been announced, so it may take some time to hear about casting announcements. Once that happens, we will be the first to let everyone know.